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Analyst Profile

Peter Abrahams

Peter Abrahams

Practice Leader - Accessibility and Usability
Bloor Research

Peter started in IT as a sandwich student in 1966 with IBM; he continued to work for them until 2003. In a company known especially for its hardware Peter saw the importance of software and especially transactional processing. He installed the first IMS on-line system in the UK and early versions of DB2.

His role as both pre and post sales technical support involved him in the design, implementation and integration of complex systems in many of the major banks, retailers and manufacturers in the UK, Israel and Europe.

He spent three years representing IBM software to the analyst community which is when he first met Robin Bloor.

His final role in IBM was as a Consultant Architect in IBM's Financial Markets Practice. His speciality was STP, which enables financial institutions to connect diverse systems within their own organisation and in their partner's to process complex transactions without human intervention. This experience reinforced his belief in the need for continuous evolutionary change of application systems and therefore the necessity of an intelligent infrastructure to bind them together in a robust but flexible way.

He joined Bloor in 2003 and built on his knowledge, gained as a consultant, to research the integration market place. In 2004 his experience with some disabled friends and a report by the Disabilities Rights Commission prompted him to start research into IT accessibility for the disabled. Recognising the growing impor­tance of this area he set up Bloor's Usability and Accessibility practice and now devotes most of his research to this area.

Download Peter's free white paper: Accessibility and Usability in ICT.


There are a total of 248 articles written by Peter Abrahams, the listing has been split over 13 pages:


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