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Louella Fernandes
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Office Futures
We help you and your organization make better use of information technology. We can advise you on workflow and business process management, intranets, electronic commerce and other aspects of being a successful electronic business.
This can be at any stage, from strategy setting, through system selection and project direction to post-implementation review.
How we work
Your organization possibly already has the internal resources to find out what it needs to know, plan a course of action and put it into practice. Where we can provide value is by:
speeding up that process,
applying specialized experience and knowledge,
bringing a fresh eye, and
acting as catalysts for change.
If you do not have sufficient or suitable internal resources, we can take you through the entire process, from needs examination through to implementation and review.
Looking beyond the technical
Our contribution is not restricted to computing matters. Creating the electronic business is as much about organizational change as it is technical innovation, if not more so.
We can help with this. For instance, if your programme crosses internal boundaries or straddles discipline, we can help you build the bridges. If there is there no natural focal point for your change efforts, we can help you give it a focus.
We are idea provokers, cross-fertilisers and human networkers. We detect and solve problems - usually human and organizational - that technical specialists are seldom trained to deal with.
At the same time, we open the eyes of the 'soft' functions to the possibilities that IT offers. And alert them to the rigour involved in doing it well.

Telephone: +44 (0)1883 713074


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Roger Whitehead
Roger Whitehead

Recent contributions include:


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