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Louella FernandesLouella Fernandes
Louella Fernandes
22nd April - Internet of Things: A New Era for Smart Printing?
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Simon Holloway
18th April - Virgin Media expose private email addresses
Craig WentworthMWD Advisors
Craig Wentworth
17th April - Box's enterprise customers step forward to be counted
Craig WentworthMWD Advisors
Craig Wentworth
16th April - Egnyte the blue touchpaper...
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SITS14 - The Service Desk & IT Support Show
29th April - 30th April
London, United Kingdom
Ten Steps to Data Quality
8th May - 9th May
London, United Kingdom

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Abrahams Accessibility

Abrahams Accessibility blog contains short pieces of news and thoughts on accessibility and usability.

Accessibility covers making all of ICT easier to use by people with disabilities and challenges and how to make peoples lives easier by the use of ICT.

Deeper examination of product and supplier matters appear in Peter Abrahams publications and articles for Bloor Research, a good introduction can be found in A Report on Usability and Accessibility in ICT.

Recent Blog Posts

Peter Abrahams, Bloor Research | 8th October '13
I will be attending e-Access 13 this year - it's in Westminster on October 31. It has a packed agenda which will enable me to keep up to date with the latest in accessibility as well as be inspired by Paralympic Gold Medalist Hannah Cockroft...
Peter Abrahams, Bloor Research | 29th March '13
Transport for London is partnering with OneVoice to promote a competition to improve the variety of accessible apps providing real time travel information in London. Competitions are an excellent way of promoting accessibility as they bring the...
Peter Abrahams, Bloor Research | 15th March '13
Based in Israel, uMoove has been working on a technology for smartphones and tablets to track eye and head movements using a device's front-facing camera. It will shortly make the SDK available to developers. The technology will enable a user to...
Peter Abrahams, Bloor Research | 13th March '13
The Technology4Good Awards celebrate the hard work of people of all ages who use the power of computers and the internet to make the world a better place. They were created by AbilityNet, working with BT and a range of commercial and not for profit...
Peter Abrahams, Bloor Research | 13th December '12
So what is so great or new about the 2012 iMac? Well the first thing I noticed is the thinness of the sides; the edge is just 5mm which means it is thinner than the iPhone. This makes it very attractive to look at and immediately differentiates it...
Peter Abrahams, Bloor Research | 27th November '12
In September 2012 AbilityNet commissioned Kevin Carey, a leading contributor to thinking about digital accessibility, to produce a policy paper to review citizen/consumer access to digital information in the public domain. In November 2012, in...
Peter Abrahams, Bloor Research | 15th November '12
As my readers will know, I believe passionately that access to information, products and services, available via the Internet, is essential to everyone who wants/needs to be a fully functioning member of today's society. In particular, it can...
Peter Abrahams, Bloor Research | 12th September '12
Now the Olympics and the Paralympics are over what have we learnt that is relevant to ICT accessibility? The paralympics proved to anyone who doubted it that although the elite paralympic athletes have disabilities they are all able, capable,...
Peter Abrahams, Bloor Research | 13th August '12
ISO 14289-1:2012 (PDF/UA) was published on 7 August. Over the years I have written about the accessibility of PDF files, or the lack of it. My analysis included a Market Update on 'Accessible Document Creation' which was published three years ago....
Peter Abrahams, Bloor Research | 5th July '12
ICT Assistive technology is a term used to describe a technology developed to help people with a disability access ICT. The problem with assistive technologies is that they are often expensive to develop and have a limited audience so they can be...


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