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SailPoint unveils unified identity management as a service suite
Fran Howarth By: Fran Howarth, Practice Leader, Bloor Research
Published: 24th July 2013
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SailPoint Technologies has just announced the availability of a new cloud-based identity management as a service suite - SailPoint IdentityNow. Sold on a subscription basis, the components of the suite that are initially available are single sign-on, access certification and password management, with access request and provisioning, and advanced policy and analytics services available in early 2014.

The IdentityNow suite complements and mirrors existing capabilities in offering on-premise, virtual and managed service delivery options. Its IdentityIQ suite for access to more than 80 on-premise and cloud applications has been available for some time and is currently on release 6. As well as a number of pre-integrated systems and applications, SailPoint offers resource connectors for platforms, databases, directories and business applications, from those housed in the data centre to those in the cloud.

SailPoint has long had a focus on governance and compliance, as well as identity intelligence, providing centralised visibility across access risks throughout the organisation so that access entitlements can be made according to business needs and requirements. Another key differentiator is that it cut its teeth on integrations with complex on-premise applications and it has a core focus on security and managing risk in sophisticated enterprise environments. The deep levels of integration that it has developed make it a good fit for the complexities of provisioning access to both enterprise and external applications - which it sees as being increasingly vital for its customers.

These factors make it a good fit for large enterprises, including those in highly regulated industries, and it has a primary focus on Fortune 2000 organisations. It has good references from large global enterprises and has a widespread international presence in terms of both customer references and office locations in the US, Europe and Asia. It announced in June 2013 that it had exceeded the $100 million mark in terms of revenues and is showing strong levels of growth, having added 100 employees during 2012.

SailPoint states that its IdentityNow suite has been in development for the past two years and has been built from the ground up specifically for cloud environments by a separate development team with the needs of enterprise customers in mind. For those wishing to migrate from on-premise to cloud deployments, its offers a Cloud On-Ramp service to aid organisations through the processes involved.


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