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Louella FernandesLouella Fernandes
Louella Fernandes
22nd April - Internet of Things: A New Era for Smart Printing?
Simon HollowayThe Holloway Angle
Simon Holloway
18th April - Virgin Media expose private email addresses
Craig WentworthMWD Advisors
Craig Wentworth
17th April - Box's enterprise customers step forward to be counted
Craig WentworthMWD Advisors
Craig Wentworth
16th April - Egnyte the blue touchpaper...
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SITS14 - The Service Desk & IT Support Show
29th April - 30th April
London, United Kingdom
Ten Steps to Data Quality
8th May - 9th May
London, United Kingdom

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Recent Blog Posts

Louella Fernandes | By: Louella Fernandes, Quocirca | 22nd April '14
The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to revolutionise the consumer and business landscape. According to a report by the Economist’s Intelligence Unit, sponsored by ARM, over three quarters of companies are using or planning to deploy some form of...
The Holloway Angle | By: Simon Holloway, Bloor Research | 18th April '14
Yesterday, Virgin Media sent an email to all their email customers concerning the use of this address type to log-in to any Google services including YouTube, Chrome and Maps. Very laudable. Unfortunately for all of us who have a...
MWD Advisors | By: Helena Schwenk, MWD Advisors | 17th April '14
At its European Universe conference last week, data warehousing giant Teradata unveiled a number of enhancements to its core data management offerings. Alongside announcements about the Teradata 15 database and a new version of its data warehousing...
MWD Advisors | By: Craig Wentworth, MWD Advisors | 17th April '14
Box brought its World Tour to London earlier this month. We were, in part, treated to a re-run of some of the things I wasn’t able to tell you about (due to the NDAs in force) at Box’s Analyst Summit in February (happily much of that can now be...
MWD Advisors | By: Craig Wentworth, MWD Advisors | 16th April '14
…and retire to a safe distance? It’s getting kinda crowded in the enterprise-friendly content sharing / collaboration space right now. Seems you can’t move for announcements, what with Box’s new features and impending IPO, an outbreak of...
Laurie McCabe | By: Laurie McCabe, SMB Group | 15th April '14
Laurie: Hi, this is Laurie McCabe from the SMB Group, and today I’m talking to Janine Popick, CEO at Vertical Response. Vertical Response helps small businesses grow with email and social marketing tools, and recently Vertical Response introduced...
Louella Fernandes | By: Louella Fernandes, Quocirca | 11th April '14
Quocirca’s recent research reveals that SMBs are becoming more confident in their adoption of managed pint services (MPS). However, the approach taken leads to varying levels of success. SMBs are the backbone to any economy—according to the...
Louella Fernandes | By: Louella Fernandes, Quocirca | 11th April '14
SMBs (small and medium businesses) across all industry sectors continue to rely on printing to some extent. This reliance can be at a huge cost and be a productivity drain, as many SMBs lack the resources or budget to deal with time consuming print...
The Holloway Angle | By: Simon Holloway, Bloor Research | 11th April '14
A headline in PCWorld in October 2013 caught my eye; it read “Intellinote brings social note-taking to business.” This rather intrigued me so I arranged for a briefing with Tony Lopresti (CEO and Co-founder). Who are Intellinote? The company has...
The Norfolk Punt | By: David Norfolk, Bloor Research | 11th April '14
I'm at ISTEP—Intel Software Conf 2014—and I'm glad to point out that Intel isn't just a hardware company. A lot of its software is for specialist markets such as High Performance Computing—yes, Fortran is still alive and well and important,...
Bloor IM Blog | By: Philip Howard, Bloor Research | 10th April '14
Attunity Gold Client Solutions are based on technology that the company gained when it acquired Hayes Technology Group. The principal capability that Gold Client provides is database subsetting for SAP environments, including SAP HANA for which it...
Louella Fernandes | By: Louella Fernandes, Quocirca | 9th April '14
Quocirca research reveals that enterprises place a low priority on print security despite over 60% admitting that they have experienced a print-related data breach. Any data breach can be damaging for any company, leaving it open to fines and...
Bloor IM Blog | By: Philip Howard, Bloor Research | 9th April '14
I have had an update from Attunity, specifically with respect to both Attunity Replicate and Gold Client Solutions. I will discuss the latter in a second article. Attunity Replicate does what you would normally expect replication to do and it’s...
Bloor IM Blog | By: Philip Howard, Bloor Research | 9th April '14
SAP has just released version 16 of what used to be Sybase ASE and is now SAP ASE. There are couple of interesting things about SAP ASE, one of which is related to this release and one of which isn’t. I’ll deal with the latter first. The...
Bloor IM Blog | By: Philip Howard, Bloor Research | 8th April '14
You probably won’t have heard of either SBS (Semantic Business Solutions) or VALID (Vastly Linked Data) but SBS VALID is a very interesting product. It is a tool that, in essence, provides a hybrid query/search capability. Of course there are...
The Holloway Angle | By: Simon Holloway, Bloor Research | 8th April '14
QPR Software has announced the launch of a new version of QPR EAXpress. QPR EAXpress is a single user solution enabling the management of all enterprise architecture layers and dimensions, as well as performing gap analysis. For process oriented...
The Norfolk Punt | By: David Norfolk, Bloor Research | 7th April '14
I've been writing about high-productivity PaaS (Platform as a Service) offerings such as OutSystems Platform and recently; these work with high-level model-driven development and visual programming—and they build applications at the...
The Norfolk Punt | By: David Norfolk, Bloor Research | 6th April '14
I've always had a soft spot for CollabNet. It created Subversion, which it ultimately handed over to the Apache foundation and which is just about the only configuration management product that ever managed to be sexy (for background, see the book I...
Bloor IM Blog | By: Philip Howard, Bloor Research | 3rd April '14
Delphix is an interesting company with a unique technology. Whether the company’s name has anything to do with the Oracle at Delphi I don’t know—I forgot to ask—but the company’s headquarters are in Menlo Park, which may be suggestive, but...
The Holloway Angle | By: Simon Holloway, Bloor Research | 3rd April '14
On March 18th, Everware-CBDI announced the commercial availability of the Agile Service Factory (ASF). ASF supports the ability to develop and compose large, complex applications using an agile development approach. Warren Ellmore, President of...


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