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Cloud email survey - and the results are in!
Angela Ashenden By: Angela Ashenden, Principal Analyst, MWD Advisors
Published: 15th September 2011
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License
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You may remember back in July we carried out an online survey into the experiences and perceptions of organisations into cloud email. I’m pleased to announce that we have just published the results from the survey, in our new Market Insight report Perceptions and reality: the truths of cloud email. 56 organisations took part, almost half of whom had already deployed cloud email, and this gave us the opportunity to compare the “before” and “after” of this growing trend, to identify the myths associated with moving email to the cloud, and see what potential adopters should really be worrying about.

Here are some of the key findings from the report:

  • Reduced licence costs are a “red herring”. Despite the promise of reduced licence costs being a major driver for the majority of organisations we surveyed, only half of those who had already switched to cloud email reported that they had achieved reduced licence costs; 15% of respondents reported no cost reduction at all.
  • Concerns about availability and reliability are overstated. Over 55% of those respondents who had not yet made the switch cited availability and reliability as a primary concern, while in reality only 7% of early adopters found this was an issue in practice.
  • Organisations tend to underestimate integration issues. With all the focus on availability, privacy and security, only a minority of organisations are considering the issue of integrating cloud email with their existing systems, and yet this is the cost commonly cited issue among those who had already moved to cloud email.

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