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Taking the pulse of BPM in the cloud
Neil Ward-Dutton By: Neil Ward-Dutton, Research Director, MWD Advisors
Published: 17th February 2012
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License
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‘BPM in the cloud’ is one of the key themes of our 2012 BPM industry research programme, and as a part of that we’ve just published a short online survey that’s designed to help us quickly take the pulse of what’s going on in this area.

From my conversations with some of the principal providers of cloud-based BPM technology (we’ve already published cloud-focused profiles of Appian, IBM and Pegasystems and more are on their way) it’s clear that businesses are starting to take cloud deployment seriously as an option – not only for early-stage trials, proofs-of-concept and so on but also, increasingly, for operational process application deployment.

To add another perspective we’re really keen to get some solid data from practitioners out there in the field. Are you exploring use of BPM technology in the cloud – and if so what are you hoping to gain? Are you already using the technology – and if so what have you found? Did you think about it, but decide to hold off for some reason? Whatever your stance – we’d really love you to take this survey.

Anyone who completes the survey can request a free copy of the analysis report, which we’ll publish in April 2012.

Thanks very much in advance for taking part – I think the results will be pretty interesting!



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