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Louella Fernandes
22nd April - Internet of Things: A New Era for Smart Printing?
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Simon Holloway
18th April - Virgin Media expose private email addresses
Craig WentworthMWD Advisors
Craig Wentworth
17th April - Box's enterprise customers step forward to be counted
Craig WentworthMWD Advisors
Craig Wentworth
16th April - Egnyte the blue touchpaper...
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SITS14 - The Service Desk & IT Support Show
29th April - 30th April
London, United Kingdom
Ten Steps to Data Quality
8th May - 9th May
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MWD Advisors - Blog Archive for July (2012)

There were 9 blog postings during July (2012):

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Helena Schwenk, MWD Advisors | 3rd July '12
We all know that Big Data – in all its forms – presents a potential treasure trove of information that organisations can use to extract business value and insight.  At the same time it’s become fully apparent that this also poses several...
Mark McGregor, MWD Advisors | 5th July '12
So, this week we saw the forced resignation of the three top men at Barclays Bank: Chairman Marcus Agius, CEO Bob Diamond and COO Jerry del Missier. Directors and staff at other banks are expected to fall too. While the headlines have all been about...
Neil Ward-Dutton, MWD Advisors | 6th July '12
Just yesterday we launched a new online survey that we’re using to gauge current industry maturity in process mapping and modelling, to complement some comparative research that Mark is doing on the mapping and modelling tool vendors’ offerings...
Neil Ward-Dutton, MWD Advisors | 10th July '12
‘Agility’ is one of those business-technology words that means so many things to so many different people (like… well… hundreds of other words too; ‘architecture’ is just one other, but that’s for another day). In my own little world...
Helena Schwenk, MWD Advisors | 11th July '12
IBM’s new decision management offering was formerly launched by Deepak Advani, VP Predictive Analytics, last month during a live webcast that also ran during the company’s annual Business Analytics analyst conference in Cambridge, MA. The event...
Mark McGregor, MWD Advisors | 17th July '12
Over the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of discussion on blogs, LinkedIn and Twitter about employee engagement. Many, it seems, are constantly wrestling with how to get and keep people involved in process improvement. Moreover, one of the...
Helena Schwenk, MWD Advisors | 19th July '12
MicroStrategy held its European user conference last week in Amsterdam, during which CEO Michael Saylor gave us an insight into how he sees mobile computing changing everything, from restructuring the worldwide economy to fundamentally altering...
Angela Ashenden, MWD Advisors | 24th July '12
This morning I had the opportunity to be briefed by blueKiwi CEO JL Valente on their strategy and roadmap following the company’s acquisition by Atos earlier in the year (which I blogged about here). I wasn’t sure what to expect; as an...
Neil Ward-Dutton, MWD Advisors | 26th July '12
This week I got a quick update on Kofax’s TotalAgility product and business (acquired when it bought UK-based BPM technology supplier Singularity in December 2011). A few days previously the company had formally announced TotalAgility 6.0, with...


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