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Louella FernandesLouella Fernandes
Louella Fernandes
11th April - Managed Print Services: Are SMBs Ready?
Louella FernandesLouella Fernandes
Louella Fernandes
11th April - The Managed Print Services (MPS) Opportunity for SMBs
Simon HollowayThe Holloway Angle
Simon Holloway
11th April - Intellinote - capture anything!
David NorfolkThe Norfolk Punt
David Norfolk
11th April - On the road to Morocco
Philip HowardBloor IM Blog
Philip Howard
10th April - Attunity Gold Client
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SITS14 - The Service Desk & IT Support Show
29th April - 30th April
London, United Kingdom

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Marcia Kaufman

My name is Marcia Kaufman. I have been an analyst, consultant, and researcher in software for many years. As a partner at Hurwitz & Associates, I focus on emerging software issues related to data management, service oriented architectures, and emerging technologies that help both large and mid-sized companies leverage technology for customer benefit.

Recent Blog Posts

Marcia Kaufman, Hurwitz & Associates | 21st March '13
There has been a lot of discussion lately about 'service virtualization', however the term alone can make your head spin. Are we talking about server virtualization? What types of services are involved? What does virtualization have to do with...
Marcia Kaufman, Hurwitz & Associates | 25th January '13
While the buzz in the big data market is around massive amounts of data and what you can do with that data, in truth companies are more interested in the small stuff. Let me explain. One of the greatest benefits of getting hold of lots of data is...
Marcia Kaufman, Hurwitz & Associates | 28th April '12
Recently I talked with several data center managers about their experiences with virtualization. While these managers have different perspectives, they all agreed that server virtualization alone isn’t enough. By moving beyond server...
Marcia Kaufman, Hurwitz & Associates | 22nd December '11
I recently attended an IBM analyst meeting focused on solutions for the midmarket.  What caught my attention was the focus on analytics as an important and growing revenue opportunity for IBM.  In fact, IBM mentioned during the meeting that 70...
Marcia Kaufman, Hurwitz & Associates | 15th June '11
Many business executives are interested in moving to the cloud because of the potential impact on business strategy. Increasingly they are convinced that a cloud model—particularly the private cloud—will give them an increased amount of...
Marcia Kaufman, Hurwitz & Associates | 12th April '11
It isn’t easy being a small fish in a big pond. How does a small mortgage company leverage its ability to be nimble in a competitive market? I believe that SaaS offerings are initiating a revolution with broad implications for business models and...
Marcia Kaufman, Hurwitz & Associates | 16th June '10
I am welcoming my business partner, Judith Hurwitz, as a contributor on my blog. The following is her observations about the partner ecosystem in the cloud. I have been spending quite a bit of time these days at Cloud Computing events....
Marcia Kaufman, Hurwitz & Associates | 11th May '10
I recently spoke with a CIO of a large and highly regulated organization about his companys experiences with cloud computing. Security and compliance issues are top priorities for this CIO causing the companys leadership to move with...
Marcia Kaufman, Hurwitz & Associates | 25th February '10
I will be presenting a session titled Five Steps to Effective SOA Governance in BrightTALK's online SOA Governance Summit on Thursday, February 25. The summit includes five webcasts on different aspects of industry best practices for SOA...
Marcia Kaufman, Hurwitz & Associates | 26th January '10
I am looking forward to attending The Smart Governance Forum (23rd meeting of the IBM Data Governance Council) in California on February 1–3, where I will be a panelist for a session on Smart Governance Analytics. As my panel group started to plan...


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