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Twitterings —
Roger Whitehead By: Roger Whitehead, Director, Office Futures
Published: 24th December 2010
Copyright Office Futures © 2010


More curating. lets users create and publish online newspapers from Twitter and Facebook links. It takes the idea of a dynamic list further than Chirpstory — the result looks better and it offers readers more ways of viewing its contents.

I’ve had a go at making a newspaper from a Twitter list. It’s called The Forestry List. (I used to be a tree warden in my spare time.)

First, I had to compile a list of relevant twitterers. Mashable showed me how. That was the laborious part but you can add or remove feeds later.

Once I had my list, I simply added its address to the site and chose a title, which can differ from the title on Twitter. You can also specify which of four languages the ‘newspaper’ appears in, how often it’s updated and whether it produces a Twitter feed of its own.

UPDATE: Perhaps it’s the way I’ve done it but three times now has deleted the newspaper I created and three times I have made a new one with a differing title. This is the last try.

The underlying list is unchanged from when I first made it.

I’ve tried contacting SmallRivers but, probably because it’s the holiday season, have had no reply,. I’ll try again early next week to see if I can find out what’s happening.

More tools is a project of the Lausanne-based SmallRivers organization. Another of its tools, still under development, is This connects networks, blogs and conversations. I’ve created a connector on enterprise social networking, as you can see if you press the “Further Information” tab at the bottom of this page. If I’ve done it right, some links will appear in the next few days.

I find Twitter far more interesting as a mouldable communication channel than as a megaphone for actors, ‘celebrities’ and other attention seekers. Whenever I discover people doing clever and relevant things with its API (or that for Facebook), I’ll let you know.

Meanwhile, it’s a national holiday here in Britain for some reason, so I think I’ll take the weekend off. I hope you enjoy yours.

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