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Craig WentworthMWD Advisors
Craig Wentworth
16th April - Egnyte the blue touchpaper...
Louella FernandesLouella Fernandes
Louella Fernandes
11th April - Managed Print Services: Are SMBs Ready?
Louella FernandesLouella Fernandes
Louella Fernandes
11th April - The Managed Print Services (MPS) Opportunity for SMBs
Simon HollowayThe Holloway Angle
Simon Holloway
11th April - Intellinote - capture anything!
David NorfolkThe Norfolk Punt
David Norfolk
11th April - On the road to Morocco
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Office Jotter - Blog Archive for January (2011)

There were 11 blog postings during January (2011):

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Roger Whitehead, Office Futures | 2nd January '11
Quora: What did Marissa Mayer mean when she said that Orkut failed because of “infrastructure issues” This is a follow-up question to Why haven’t major companies like Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo succeeded at social networking? Both questions...
Roger Whitehead, Office Futures | 6th January '11
I wrote recently about my experiences when registering for four online social networking services. As you may recall, Company D did not impress. The sales manager of one of the company’s trading partners has since made contact. When I explained...
Roger Whitehead, Office Futures | 6th January '11
Mashable: 4 Promising Curation Tools That Help Make Sense of the Web As the volume of content swirling around the web continues to grow [waffle snipped]… The solution on the horizon is curation. You can either choose to be a curator — offering...
Roger Whitehead, Office Futures | 11th January '11
Steve Yelvington: Things I wish tech journalists would learn This item caught my eye. so I thought I’d repeat it here while I’m working on a couple of longer pieces. I agree with what Mr Yelvington says; not so sure about some of the comments. I...
Roger Whitehead, Office Futures | 13th January '11
In the sense that it’s a characteristic of human society, shopping is by definition a social activity. It’s a long-lived one, too. There are well-documented remains of shops and markets from ancient Egypt, Greece, China and Rome. Mesopotamian...
Roger Whitehead, Office Futures | 17th January '11
Mashable: Zynga Buys Social Web Browser Flock Rounding out a list of eight acquisitions in the past seven months, Zynga has purchased “social web browser” Flock… With the purchase, Zynga hopes to further the spread of its social media...
Roger Whitehead, Office Futures | 20th January '11
In our market update last year, Carl Potter and I described Jive Social Business Software (SBS) as: “A good set of tools in a range of packagings…[with] some large installations, mainly in North America and Europe”. Conversations since then...
Roger Whitehead, Office Futures | 16th January '11 Why I Don’t Use Facebook John Dvorak doesn’t think much of Facebook and reckons it presents users with a similar dead-end to that AOL placed its customers in a decade or more ago. Facebook is like living with your mother. She cooks...
Roger Whitehead, Office Futures | 24th January '11
So soon? Well, these were too relevant to pass over. Recent posting, “Facebook is like living with your mother”, looked at John Dvorak’s PC Magazine article comparing Facebook to AOL. He thought both pandered to the masses, while making people...
Roger Whitehead, Office Futures | 26th January '11
Have you noticed how often social software companies, products and services in English-speaking countries are being given names that aren’t proper words and that offer no clue what they’re for? Take the two in the title, for instance. If you...
Roger Whitehead, Office Futures | 29th January '11
I mentioned these products in my recent posting, “Oracle Open Office goes vaporous”. Both have now moved to version 3.3. (OOo) 3.3 was released this week after five months of beta testing. There’s a review of it at ZDNet UK,...


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