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Jive and Yammer upbeat about the benefits of the social business
Roger Whitehead By: Roger Whitehead, Director, Office Futures
Published: 6th February 2011
Copyright Office Futures © 2011

Of course they are — they’re suppliers of systems for it. MRD applies.

This time the two companies have user surveys to bolster their optimism.

First was Jive Software, whose products I recently reported on. The company’s CEO, Tony Zingale, appeared on TechCrunch TV at the end of January, talking about a quick survey made for Jive by an unnamed agency. Soon after, the report became available on-line, as did Zingale’s blog version of it. You need to register for the report.

A few days later, David Sacks, founder and CEO of Yammer, appeared on the same channel, promoting his company’s survey. Yammer did this itself, using SurveyMonkey. You can view the online summary here. There’s also a version with Yammer’s commentary and explanation included.

Rival suppliers were prominent among the commenters. They criticised each survey, while pushing their own offerings. All good knockabout stuff. Some of the comments made useful points, nonetheless, so are worth reading.

Both surveys give grounds for cheer, and not just for their commissioners, while lacking rigour and depth.


I did start writing a detailed critique of these two reports and the extra material from the two CEOs but it went on so long it bored even me. Instead, here’s my shallow and rigour-less summary:

There is some good material here but, by the nature of the surveys, the results are suggestive rather than definitive. Also, neither company explores the issues raised.

Jive and Yammer are both trying to make the results carry more weight than they can bear. If you do read these reports, keep your crap detector switched on.


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