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Louella FernandesLouella Fernandes
Louella Fernandes
11th April - Managed Print Services: Are SMBs Ready?
Louella FernandesLouella Fernandes
Louella Fernandes
11th April - The Managed Print Services (MPS) Opportunity for SMBs
Simon HollowayThe Holloway Angle
Simon Holloway
11th April - Intellinote - capture anything!
David NorfolkThe Norfolk Punt
David Norfolk
11th April - On the road to Morocco
Philip HowardBloor IM Blog
Philip Howard
10th April - Attunity Gold Client
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SITS14 - The Service Desk & IT Support Show
29th April - 30th April
London, United Kingdom

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Looking under the covers, taking the smoke and mirrors away from vendors' stories, questioning the topics de jour - here, Quocirca's analysts provide their views on the business and technology world and what is of importance to you and your businesses in the real world.

Recent Blog Posts

Clive Longbottom, Quocirca | 31st March '14
The use of server-based desktops, often referred to as a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), makes increasing sense for many organisations. Enabling greater control over how a desktop system is put together; centralising management and control of...
Bob Tarzey, Quocirca | 27th March '14
It will not be news to anyone that has written code that the time to kill software bugs is early on in the application development lifecycle, before they can have a major impact. This is important for three reasons; first, better code is likely to...
Clive Longbottom, Quocirca | 25th March '14
Virtualisation, increased equipment densities, cloud computing, all are conspiring to make life harder for any IT manager looking at where to go when it comes to the next data centre facility. After a prolonged period of economic doldrums, many data...
Bob Tarzey, Quocirca | 24th March '14
700 million, that’s a sizeable number; 2 billion is bigger still. The first is an estimate of the number of items of machine data generated by the commercial transactions undertaken in the average European enterprise during a year. The second...
Bob Tarzey, Quocirca | 11th March '14
The protection of personal data has been back in the news in the UK over the last month due to the government bungling plans to make anonymised NHS patient data available for research. The scheme gives NHS patients the option to opt out of sharing...
Clive Longbottom, Quocirca | 20th February '14
In the good old days, a data centre facility 'just' had to be a place where servers, storage and network equipment could be housed. Sure, it had to ensure that enough power and cooling was available, but beyond that, most data centres were built to...
Bob Tarzey, Quocirca | 18th February '14
The great thing about virtualisation, or re-defining physical resources at a higher abstracted software level (software defined data centre/network/storage etc. as the terminology du jour goes), is that those deploying applications no longer have to...
Clive Longbottom, Quocirca | 17th February '14
Let's get something straight from the beginning. Your IT systems are not worth a great deal. Why? If you bought your systems brand new, they were worth at least 30% less as soon as you took delivery of them, and their value has been dropping ever...
Bob Tarzey, Quocirca | 21st January '14
Oracle has eventually joined the OpenStack community this month. By integrating the open source cloud management platform with its own products Oracle says it is reflecting its customers’ need for standards to support flexible application...
Bob Tarzey, Quocirca | 7th January '14
Microsoft Active Directory is a database embedded in all Windows server operating systems and in Windows Azure (Microsoft’s cloud-based platform as a service/PaaS offering). The directory is used to store information about objects and their...


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