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Craig WentworthMWD Advisors
Craig Wentworth
16th April - Egnyte the blue touchpaper...
Louella FernandesLouella Fernandes
Louella Fernandes
11th April - Managed Print Services: Are SMBs Ready?
Louella FernandesLouella Fernandes
Louella Fernandes
11th April - The Managed Print Services (MPS) Opportunity for SMBs
Simon HollowayThe Holloway Angle
Simon Holloway
11th April - Intellinote - capture anything!
David NorfolkThe Norfolk Punt
David Norfolk
11th April - On the road to Morocco
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London, United Kingdom

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Quocirca - Blog Archive for August (2012)

There were 6 blog postings during August (2012):

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Clive Longbottom, Quocirca | 1st August '12
A recent meeting with a company was a rare thing for an industry analyst—a meeting where there was little disagreement, bar one small area—which I will touch on later. From Quocirca’s point of view, technology for technology’s sake is a...
Clive Longbottom, Quocirca | 7th August '12
One issue that needs to be addressed when implementing or procuring a hosted service is latency—the time it takes for a response to come back from the provider’s data centre after an action is taken out on an end user device. In the majority of...
Bob Tarzey, Quocirca | 13th August '12
A business manager reading some of the more technical descriptions of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) would quickly conclude that the information on offer is not that relevant to them. He or she may note that this...
Bob Tarzey, Quocirca | 20th August '12
During a speech in June 2012, Jonathan Evans, the chief of the UK’s home security agency MI5, stated that it was “fighting 'astonishing' levels of cyber-attacks”. The worry is not just about the number, but the sophistication and the degree of...
Bob Tarzey, Quocirca | 21st August '12
Surveys by Quocirca and other research firms constantly show that “security” is THE biggest concern when it comes to making use of cloud services. Why is this and is the perception that cloud services are inherently less secure than internally...
Bob Tarzey, Quocirca | 30th August '12
Earlier in the year Quocirca was asked a surprising question, which was along these lines; “if we use a cloud-based storage service and there is a leak of personal data, who is responsible, us or them?” Make no mistake, the answer is that,...


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