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Louella Fernandes
22nd April - Internet of Things: A New Era for Smart Printing?
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18th April - Virgin Media expose private email addresses
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Craig Wentworth
17th April - Box's enterprise customers step forward to be counted
Craig WentworthMWD Advisors
Craig Wentworth
16th April - Egnyte the blue touchpaper...
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SITS14 - The Service Desk & IT Support Show
29th April - 30th April
London, United Kingdom
Ten Steps to Data Quality
8th May - 9th May
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The Norfolk Punt - Blog Archive for April (2013)

There were 7 blog postings during April (2013):

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David Norfolk, Bloor Research | 3rd April '13
Social Collaboration always strikes me as more about people and organisational behaviour than technology - although once an organisation has a vision for social collaboration at all levels, technology is a real enabler. So, now I'm going to get an...
David Norfolk, Bloor Research | 5th April '13
I've noticed that some people seem to assume that if you talk about technology as being important in organisations today, and (I believe) it is, then you are also saying that everything should be looked after by the IT group. Not true; technology...
David Norfolk, Bloor Research | 8th April '13
I'll be going along to hear Michel Delran from Unisys describing a simple way of understanding the lifecycle of the CI attributes-letting you stay in control of your CMDB. You can expand his analytical concept to manual or automated update of...
David Norfolk, Bloor Research | 19th April '13
On Tues 9th April 2013, the BCS-CMSG configuration management specialist group held a very useful presentation on maintaining CMDB (Configuration Management Database) accuracy, from Michel Delran of Unisys. This prompted several thoughts, including...
David Norfolk, Bloor Research | 24th April '13
I'm at CA-2013 and CA Technologies is telling a good joined-up story around advanced technology and mobile solutions. It has feedback loops around the user experience and so on. The devil may be in the detail but it really is sounding...
David Norfolk, Bloor Research | 25th April '13
The trouble with collaboration software is that it is really hard to assess without using it in a real community - with real pain points that collaboration can help with. However, a good demo can give you a feel for a product and the attitude of...
David Norfolk, Bloor Research | 29th April '13
So, CA Technologies has a new CEO at last (see management team bios here) and Michael P. Gregoire looks as though  he may be what the company needs. Talking to people at CA Technologies, he seems to have gone through its somewhat diverse...


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