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News Release

Codestone Helps ICP Global Reduce Overheads by 30% Within Three Months

Specialist print and marketing management provider installs SAP Business One
Released: 26th November 2013
Publisher: Codestone Group Ltd.

Codestone, a provider of SAP Business One, infrastructure and cloud solutions, today announced that it has helped ICP Global, a specialist print and marketing management provider, lower overheads by 30% within three months, having installed SAP Business One to manage its logistics, improve CRM and streamline finances.

Established over 35 years ago and based in Yeovil, UK, with a subsidiary in Sydney, Australia, ICP Global realised it was beginning to outgrow its bespoke system (created in Microsoft Access Database with a range of macros), which had been designed to manage its logistics – including sales order processing, purchase order processing and stock management. Following recommendation, research and consultation, ICP Global enlisted the services of Codestone to install SAP Business One.

“With a variety of systems in place, the company was suffering from time management issues due to switching between systems, as well as the duplication of data inputting. We also had issues producing invoices with no way of sorting them,” explained Jessie Shedden, Executive Assistant, ICP Global. “Our old systems just didn’t provide the ‘trackability’ (the various different stages of completion) so you couldn’t see who had done what, why and when. With SAP Business One you can drill down into the data so much easier and find out what has been going on. This provides us with much better sales data as well as helping us with CRM. There was also a lot of manual duplication, which has now been eliminated by SAP Business One.”

Although SAP Business One has been designed specifically with small and mid-sized businesses in mind, it is a very different product from that which ICP Global had been operating with, creating initial hesitation and a feeling that it was more than what the company really needed.

“Originally it was a bit daunting – we thought that SAP was just too big for us and we didn’t need it. However, we couldn’t find another solution that could cope with what we needed. We aren’t a particularly large company, but we have quite detailed needs,” explained Shedden. “Although it may feel like a big company system, it is very easy to use once you understand the basic principles. It’s comprehensive, very flexible and provides a high level of detailed traceability. We also realised that it provided us with a future-proof system – it could grow with us and we wouldn’t have to change systems in four of five years’ time. It basically made a lot more financial sense in the long term.”

SAP Business One can be very straightforward to set up and often has an immediate impact on an organisation’s business, as ICP Global found out.

“ROI has been higher and quicker than we expected. We’ve actually been able to lower overheads by 30% and we started seeing it within two to three months. Two temporary assignment staff members have moved on and we are able to continue to maintain the roles through the systems we now have in place,” explained Shedden. “With the money we have saved, we are now able to reallocate those resources into hiring people for sales, rather than admin which doesn’t bring in business or a return of investment. We’ve also been able reallocate some of this to marketing as well, which is helping to driving our business forward, as well.”

Integral customer relationship management provides companies with relevant company-wide data for stronger sales and support to enhance customer satisfaction. ICP Global is using SAP Business One to increase its customer interactions by developing a much more flexible customer portal and online ordering system, as well as improving its accounting capabilities.

“Our customers are also benefitting as they are seeing ‘live’ stock reporting much quicker - they will be able to see that at a click of a button in the future,” said Shedden. “Some of them were complaining that we couldn’t invoice multiple orders at the end of the month just on one invoice – we had to do an invoice per order. Now we will be able to that for them. That’s a significant help for some of our regular customers.”

Many organisations have to rely on disparate ‘follow-the-sun’ support operations that utilise third party agreements to create a 24/7 support offering. This piecemeal structure can often lead to an inconsistent level of service which may compromise global or round the clock operations. Codestone’s SystemSure 24/7/365, however, is a support offering which is 100% internally resourced, managed and operated from Codestone’s head office.

“Due to our split locations, and the hours that we work, it’s really important for us to be able to rely on support that isn’t just 9am to 5pm. There weren’t many companies that could offer that level of service, and that was another deciding factor in our selection process,” said Shedden. “We just felt that there was a lot more to Codestone than many other SAP partners. There seemed to be better management, more staff and dedicated departments to handle each of the processes throughout the install, with full expert support during and after. We have already recommended Codestone to quite a few other companies.”

About Codestone

Established in 1997, Codestone is a leading provider of IT application, infrastructure and cloud solutions, for organisations ranging from SMEs to major PLCs, national and international. With offices in Poole, London, Midlands and Cheshire, Codestone provides turnkey solutions from leading industry vendors including SAP, Microsoft, Citrix, EMC and VMware.

Codestone is a global leader in SAP Business One, SAP Gold Partner, SAP Master VAR and Member of the EMEA Partner Executive Committee. In contrast to many of its competitors, it also combines its UK domestic and international experience in SAP Business One with extensive Infrastructure and cloud solutions expertise.

The head office, in Poole, Dorset, is a state-of-the-art, custom designed technology centre that houses a professional, experienced and passionate team of over 70 IT specialists. It has delivered hundreds of solutions across numerous disciplines and sectors, and has a proven track record of providing full life-cycle projects from concept through to implementation. For more information, please visit: or follow us on Twitter: @CodestoneGroup

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