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Is the Demand for Business Analysts falling?
Released: 11th November 2013
Publisher: Technojobs

Demand for Business Analysts has fallen since 2012 according to data from  The amount of Business Analyst jobs advertised year on year has dropped by approximately 10%.  Regionally there are differences to the demand for Business Analysts which has actually increased in some areas in the UK since 2012, notably Reading and Birmingham.

Despite the overall fall in demand, the average salary for a Business Analyst has stayed the same at £47,000. Regionally, the average salary in the City of London is £58,000, the average in Birmingham is £40,000 and the average in Scotland is £42,000. For Business Analyst contractors the average daily rate has continued to stay around £370 per day.

Is the demand for Business Analysts falling?  One reason for the change in demand for Business Analysts is that the role for the Business Analyst is becoming integrated with other roles including Project Management. Often the roles are starting to blend and also combine with project management related functions as clients expect a broader range of skills and experience.

Additionally Business Analysts roles are now often fragmented into more specific job titles – whether they are more IT, software specialists, data mining specialists or more commercially minded revenue related analysts.

Therefore it is misleading to suggest demand is falling and look at this data in isolation.  Business Analysts are still without a doubt, a vital part of an organisation especially as technology and global markets change rapidly. 

Charlotte Attwood, a spokesperson from said “Although there has been a small drop in the demand for Business Analysts since 2012, organisations still see them as a vital part of the team and this data doesn’t show the whole picture.  The important evolving of the Business Analyst role is that they don’t just produce data but they interpret data and also make important commercial business recommendations from that data”.

“A Business Analyst may sit in such a broad range of departments looking at multiple threads of data and therefore the role is interpreted quite differently across many companies. Thus the Business Analyst perhaps is one that actually can’t be defined”.

“Analysts as a whole are very much in demand and we are seeing Business Analyst roles fragmented into more specific job titles – whether they are more IT, data specific or more commercially minded”.

Find a range of Business Analyst jobs at here.

Source: Technojobs Data 2013 and 2012

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