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News Release

CDN and Cloud Convergence Ignite Cloud TV
Released: 5th September 2013
Publisher: RealWire

As demand for Cloud TV grows, operators and service providers are making inroads when it comes to pushing the user interface into the Cloud to deliver traditional entertainment to connected screens. This provides the focal point of the Cloud TV Summit at this year’s CDN World Summit, which will address the converging nature of CDNs and Cloud computing and explore how to optimise CDN and Cloud content delivery.

Camille Mendler, Principal Analyst of Enterprise Verticals at Informa Telecoms & Media says: “Historically, CDNs have been a niche service, focused on live streaming and video delivery, often targeting a professional broadcast media customer. Cloud computing, meanwhile, has been an IT-centric proposition, delivering on-demand scalability of compute cycles and storage within the data centre. Carrier Ethernet has excelled in delivering a cost-efficient, flexible transformation path for legacy TDM infrastructure. Individually these propositions remain relevant, but in a post-PC world, they are converging.

“To profit, communications service providers must no longer view these services in isolation. A united strategy is required in infrastructure investment, service management and go-to-market.”

The Cloud TV Summit, which takes place on 1 October, involves participation from a host of leading cable and telcos from around the world, and includes presentations from Cloud-based TV operator, Magine; Voddler, the Swedish film and TV streaming service; one of the largest Russian telecom operators Rostelecom,; and Andorra Telecom. The agenda will witness Voddler provide insight into pushing the future of TV delivery in the cloud, and Andorra Telecom share its expertise on launching VoD services for smaller telco operators. 

Magine will share its Cloud TV case study, focussed on the launch of its service, and will impart how to engineer a secure Cloud-based architecture. Erik Wikström, CEO of Magine, will take part in the Summit’s panel discussion about the future of Cloud TV services, and comments: “Cloud-based TV services take viewing to a whole new level. Magine has recognised the opportunity and is utilising Cloud and smart platforms to offer linear, time shifted content without satellites or boxes. Viewers can use their mobile phones or tablets to connect their devices to the TV, enabling a seamless video viewing experience across devices with the assistance of Cloud. This will increase the time spent on viewing linear TV content due to the availability of content across time and devices. Participating at events such as Cloud TV Summit and CDN World Summit will enable business leaders to share experiences and prepare strategies based on best practice scenarios.”

As part of the Summit the event’s diamond sponsors - Alcatel-Lucent will cover a special session which will focus on the future vision for IP video, look at how the increase in online video impacts the underlying network, and will provide an overview into TV functions moving to the Cloud.

This year’s CDN World Summit boasts an innovative programme driven by case studies, business models, groundbreaking insight, and future forecasts about the industry. Visitors to the event will have the opportunity to network and exchange experiences and ideas with technology providers and telecom operators showcasing significant advancements in the CDN space.

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