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News Release

Lumesse launches Accelerator to speed up productivity and engagement with new hires

Lumesse addresses multiple HR issues through its new software offering
Released: 7th October 2013
Publisher: Lumesse

Lumesse, a global leader in integrated talent management solutions, today announced the availability of Accelerator, a new package which combines the power of Onboarding, Learning and Social all available on  its TalentLink platform. This offering will empower organisations to fast-track time to productivity and drive new hire engagement. Accelerator is ideal for HR, recruiters and learning and development professionals looking to streamline and enhance their onboarding and new employee engagement strategies.

According to research from the Aberdeen Group, 34% of companies still conduct onboarding on paper. In addition, the Wynhurst Group found that one in five employees leave their new job within the first 45 days. As such, organisations are losing out on the talent they worked hard to recruit, as well as wasting valuable time and money on staff turnover (turnover costs are often estimated to be 100% - 300% of the base salary for the replaced employee), as a result of not engaging effectively with their new recruits before day one. 

In some cases, particularly within certain industries, there are particularly long periods between notice and start-date. It is therefore critical to ensure that new hire feels engaged with the company to avoid losing them before they have even started. Accelerator ensures that the new hire’s time to productivity is increased, knowledge gaps are closed as quickly as possible and HR and recruiters can engage and with new onboardees ahead of joining the organisation.

Lumesse’s new Accelerator package is designed to address the challenge of onboarding from three key perspectives:

  • An intuitive, easy to use and highly engaging employee-facing portal which enables recruiters to connect and socialise with new hires before they even set foot in the office. As well as creating their own unique social profile on this portal, new hires are able to search the company directory and begin to engage with peers and the company culture as soon as they accept their new position.
  • New personnel can fill in and upload all necessary paperwork online for compliance, saving the HR team time and money in administrative tasks, printing and mailing costs.
  • The learning and development team can empower the new hire with knowledge in the form of training documents, videos, SCORM compliant courses and background material tailored to the specific employee profile.

While new hires access Accelerator through an engaging social portal, HR and recruitment staffs have full control of the back end with a flexible Content Management Based System (CMS). This allows them to define onboarding pages with rich media, select an individual’s onboarding team and set roles and responsibilities, and utilise a Workflow Engine for automated routing and handling of pre-employment tasks such as form-filling and training. Designed in HTML 5, the portal is optimised for mobile viewing on smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks for new hires on the move, particularly important for those still employed elsewhere who are looking to conduct their initial learning for a new role while on the move or commuting.

Neal Bruce, Director of Product Strategy at Lumesse, says: “Today’s skilled candidates have high expectations, and to engage the top talent, organisations need to showcase their values, culture and knowledge as early in the recruitment process as possible. Following this initial engagement with new hires, it is important to maintain a strong relationship over the period of time between acceptance of offer, through notice period and well into the first months of employment. The new Accelerator package enables organisations to do this on a platform that is intuitive, familiar and easily accessible, enabling employees to spend more time getting settled in their new job and less time learning new systems.”

For more information on Accelerator and other talent management offerings, please visit Lumesse at HR Tech and HR Tech Europe. 

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