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News Release

Targeted Operating Models (TOMs) Crippled by Poor Data Quality warns Auriga

Under-performing TOMs demonstrate importance of data integrity
Released: 30th September 2013
Publisher: Auriga

London, UK – 30 September, 2013 – Auriga Consulting Ltd (Auriga), the expert data, ICT and security consultancy, today warned that poor data quality is impeding the effectiveness of Targeted Operating Models (TOMs). TOMs strategically enable clients to achieve operational efficiencies and are recommended by some of the largest international professional consultancies in the world. Yet a TOM can fail to deliver on its strategic promise if the data used to conduct the analysis is inaccurate or inconsistent. Auriga has been approached to undertake remedial work and cleanse TOMs on behalf of clients whose initial investment was compromised by poor data integrity. Business process modeling and data analysis should take precedence in any TOM project prior to implementation and systematic reviews are essential during the model’s lifetime to ensure the validity of strategic outcomes, advises Auriga.

A Target Operating Model (TOM) incorporates the people, processes and technology needed to function productively and creates strategic competitive advantage. A TOM can be used to analyse existing functions and introduce improvements to the organisation or can be used to forecast how the business will respond during the process of transformation. The TOM concept is often used to systematically implement governance, risk and compliance (GRC), ensure a smooth transition to a new technology, or facilitate expansion, for example. However, the strategic outcomes of the TOM can be compromised by poor data quality and it is essential that data integrity is assured.

Auriga recommends investing in data analysis prior to investing in and committing strategic effort to a TOM. The paths and processes used as data traverses the business should be scrutinised, with data mapped, analysed, classified and risk assessed and appropriate and proportionate controls put in place. The following services offered by Auriga can assist with effective data management within the context of a TOM: 

  • Business Process Modelling (BPM)
  • Data landscaping
  • Quality and Security Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Implementation of management regimes (IMS)
  • Architecture design (and implementation of recommended improvements, such as transition to the Cloud etc)
  • Analysis of Big Data (to deliver maximum return on investment)

In those TOMs where poor data integrity is already an issue, examples of steps that can be taken include:

  • A gap analysis of security controls enabling remediation
  • Implementation of compliancy regimes for continued improvement of data quality
  • Management of change and cultural impacts around the data.

“The TOM is not a silver bullet solution. While TOMs can be used to improve operational functions within the wider context of the business the results will only ever be as good as the quality of the data put into them. That’s a message few consultancies are communicating. If the information used is out-of-date or no longer relevant the strategy becomes skewed. Organisations must review their business processes and the data that runs over them before committing to a TOM or risk wasting time and resource in pursuing the misguided strategies produced as a result,” said Louise T. Dunne, Managing Director, Auriga.

About Auriga

Auriga Consulting Ltd (Auriga) is an expert consultancy specialising in Data Management, Information Assurance, Corporate Governance, Business Process Modelling, Analysis, ICT and Security. We advocate data as the most valuable part of your business and combine superior security and assurance knowledge with a wealth of business management consultancy and efficiency skills. Using a unique set of methodologies we embed security by overlaying it onto business process and analysing data.  

Auriga reported a turnover of more than £1million in its first full year of trading, cementing its reputation as one of the most dynamic and versatile solutions providers in the marketplace today. We have worked on some of the most demanding projects in the UK for customers from the public and private sectors, advising upon the architectures and business processes adopted for the G-Cloud project, NHS and social services databases, and leading the BSi’s largest audited UK organisation successfully through ISO 27001. To find out more, please go to or follow us on Twitter @AurigaConsult. 

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