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News Release

IGEL Simplifies Firmware and Licensing for its Universal Desktop range of thin clients
Released: 1st October 2013
Publisher: RealWire

IGEL Technology has today simplified its firmware and licensing for its Universal Desktop range of thin clients. Moving forward, IGEL Linux 5, the newest version of IGEL firmware, will also be the software basis for all Linux thin clients and IGEL's popular Universal Desktop Converter (UDC) migration software.

The new firmware concept and licensing model is designed to help partners and customers find a suitable solution more quickly. Instead of the previous three firmware packages (Entry, Standard, Advanced), IGEL will offer a single standardized firmware package for each operating system (Windows Embedded Standard 7 and IGEL Linux 5).

Greater transparency: new multi-protocol firmware

The new IGEL firmware offers a sector-leading range of security features, device drivers, software tools and protocols for accessing a wide range of VDI and cloud computing environments. It also includes the Ericom PowerTerm terminal emulation collection which can be enabled free-of-charge – either when you place an order or later via the IGEL website.

Optional feature packs for specific workstation scenarios
For workstations with special requirements, it will be possible to license three additional features for the IGEL Linux firmware: a codec pack for local multimedia decoding, the Shared WorkPlace software expansion for user-dependent thin client configuration and the Universal MultiDisplay software extension for cascading up to four UD thin clients with up to eight displays. The multimedia codecs are enabled as standard in the new firmware with Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7, while the Shared WorkPlace license is available as an optional extra.

Universal Desktop Converter 2
In the future, the new IGEL Linux 5 will be the software basis for all Linux-based thin clients. The same will apply to Version 2 of the popular IGEL Universal Desktop Converter migration software (UDC 2), which in combination with the new firmware concept will offer even better performance. It offers various features including support for a wider range of graphics cards, WiFi support and an expanded, updated range of migration-capable PCs and thin clients.

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