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News Release

KEMP's New Virtual ADCs Provide Real Alternative to Hardware Appliances
Released: 22nd October 2013
Publisher: RealWire

KEMP Technologies has announced three new virtual load balancers - the Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) 200, 2000 and 5000. By dramatically increasing application performance, customers can now deploy virtual Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) for demanding workloads where hardware appliances have traditionally been the only option. 

Releasing these powerful new virtual ADCs further strengthens KEMP’s position as the leading application-centric ADC vendor. As IT budgets continue to decentralise and move toward the line-of-business, virtual ADCs enable administrators to be more agile in deploying and managing business critical applications with high availability and scalability.

With up to 5Gbps throughput and 10,000 SSL transactions per second (TPS), the KEMP VLMs fully-leverage network optimisation capabilities of VM hypervisors and high performing x86 server platforms. They also deliver the same comprehensive core feature set available across the entire LoadMaster family of ADCs, while offering the flexibility of virtualisation technology.

The KEMP VLMs provide full Layer 7 ADC functionality, including content switching, SSL offloading, application health checking, session affinity, caching, compression, intrusion prevention, pre-authentication and single sign-on. In addition, Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) expands intelligent load balancing and application delivery beyond a single site to geographically dispersed locations using algorithms capable of selecting the best suited datacentre for client requests. And to ensure an optimal user experience, application session affinity gives users continuous connections to the most appropriate endpoint.

“As a software-driven company, KEMP’s deep understanding of the application-centric market and ADC technology has led us to become a prevalent solution provider, offering  enterprise administrators with the flexibility and turnaround time needed to meet the needs of line-of-business applications,” said  Peter Melerud, EVP of Product Management at KEMP Technologies. “KEMP’s focus on virtual-based solutions and ability to meet customer requirements regardless of platform has contributed to KEMP Technologies being the 3rd most shipped ADC in EMEA and North America in Q2 2013*.” 

The VLM-200, VLM-2000 and VLM-5000 are available to download from the KEMP Technologies web

*Dell’Oro Group

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