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News Release

New WatchGuard XCS 880 Increases Content Security Performance by 20 Percent for Large Enterprises
Released: 28th August 2013
Publisher: RealWire

28 August 2013 – WatchGuard® today introduced the WatchGuard XCS 880, designed to meet the demanding email and web-based content security needs of large enterprises. Delivering 20 percent more processing power, twice the email throughput and consuming less than half the energy of previous models, the XCS 880 protects against inbound threats such as viruses, blended threats and network attacks, while helping control outbound information to prevent data loss.  The XCS 880 replaces the XCS 770R and the XCS 970.

Despite the growth in other communications channels, email remains the foundation of corporate communications. “The prevailing use of email has made it a preferred conduit of targeted attacks and a significant, potential source of data loss or compliance issues,” according to Gartner[1]. To help meet the growing challenges around email and other web-based content, the XCS 880 leverages the latest generation of processor technology from Intel to deliver anti-spam/virus/malware capabilities, combined with content filtering, data loss protection, encryption, web filtering and more, while retaining peak performance levels.

“Today’s enterprises deploy advanced messaging networks that move massive amounts of data through email and across the Internet into the corporate network. To keep suspect information out and sensitive information in requires a sophisticated content security strategy,” said Roger Klorese, director of product management at WatchGuard. “The XCS 880 is designed to simplify this core capability – by giving organisations an email security, privacy and compliance solution with best-in-class technology – while delivering enhanced performance, dramatic power reduction, and redundant power supplies.”  

By reducing the watt-hours used by more than half, the XCS 880 is an efficient content security platform, delivering savings not only in power costs but in cooling as well. And thanks to improvements in the processor and data storage, the device is smaller and lighter, with a weight reduction of 18 lbs- allowing businesses to reduce costly rack space. WatchGuard has improved reliability by adding a redundant power supply to eliminate a potential source of failure and ensure data is secure in the event of a power interruption. Like the models it replaces, the XCS 880 uses RAID technology to protect data in the event of disk failure.

The WatchGuard XCS 880 is available now for purchase and trade-up, and includes customisable reporting features to help IT with audit requests and compliance requirements, as well as WatchGuard's LiveSecurity PLUS customer support and software update services. To learn more about the XCS 880 and the full suite of XCS solutions, visit the WatchGuard XCS 880 page.

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