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News Release

Laker Legal Solicitors excels in Lexcel with Virtual Practices service
Released: 7th March 2013
Publisher: Solicitors Own Software

Laker Legal Solicitors is establishing itself at the cutting edge of the fast-changing legal sector with support from the Virtual Practices legal software and cashiering service.

The firm, founded by principal solicitor Richard Hirst and his team in 2011, is one of a growing number of virtual practices which operate throughout the UK without a conventional, fully staffed office function.

Laker Legal Solicitors provide expertise in Family Law and Mediation, Medical Negligence, Personal Injury,
Employment, Wills, Probate and Powers of Attorney services.

From the outset Laker Legal has operated differently from a traditional high street law firm and the Virtual Practices (VP) hosted legal software and outsourced cashiering service has played a key role.

“We set up Laker Legal Solicitors to be a flexible, virtual practice with little reliance on secretarial and back office staff,” says Richard Hirst.

“Instead of large, fully staffed offices, we use consulting rooms across the country, and can service our clients wherever and whenever our clients wish.

“A key part of this model involves an outsourced software function, so we looked at the market, made enquiries about Virtual Practices, and were impressed with everything it had to offer.

“Since then we have not looked back, and VP is ideal for what we require as a firm. The efficiency of their staff is second to none and they always respond to our needs swiftly and with a very pleasant and helpful manner.”

Laker Legal’s use of Virtual Practices was even mentioned in the firm’s most recent annual Lexcel assessment audit.

Richard Hirst says: “We passed our annual assessment with flying colours and the auditor specifically
mentioned Virtual Practices, which he said made the availability of documents for his audit task extremely easy.

“The auditor further commented that unlike a lot of practices, we make use of all elements of our software
which allows us to process everything electronically and run an almost completely paperless firm. Having a professional legal cashiering service is an added assurance.”

Laker Legal Solicitors is continuing on a steady growth path and is looking to recruit further specialist legal consultants in all areas of civil legal practice. Laker Legal’s latest Medical Negligence Consultant, Duncan Stackhouse, commented: “The SOS Virtual Practices system combined with Laker Legal’s own business model creates a perfect combination to enable me to work independently and flexibly whilst still being part of an outstanding team. Further details can be found at”

Natalie Jennings, who heads up Virtual Practices, which is a division of legal software supplier Solicitors Own Software, said: “Laker Legal Solicitors has grasped the nettle of the new legal era and its recent Lexcel audit highlights how valuable Virtual Practices can be if it is used to its maximum potential.”

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