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News Release

90% of manufacturers don't recognise importance of Packaging Execution Systems, risking traceability

Zetes launches ZetesAtlas Packaging Execution System
Released: 18th December 2013
Publisher: Zetes

London – 17th December 2013 – Just as you cannot ride a bicycle without wheels, a Packaging Execution System (PES) is to the packaging identification process what a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is to manufacturing - it centrally steers all actions related to the aforementioned process. While most manufacturing companies are realising the benefits of an MES, 90% of them do not yet recognise the advantages a PES brings them. This is according to Zetes’ direct experience working with manufacturers.

The potential benefits are huge, especially in a world where correct product identification and traceability are imperatives. Zetes’ packaging execution solution ZetesAtlas offers functionality and benefits beyond what competing products can provide.

All too often, there is no direct data link between the packaging line and ERP system, which means each device involved in the packaging process is configured locally and independently (often manually) and identification of products on the packaging line is non-existent. As a result there is an increased probability that mistakes will occur, e.g. wrong information on the label, non-compliance with GS1 standards, supply chain identification errors or configuration errors with packaging identification systems, as there is no visibility and traceability of actions, events and data, no data aggregation and no automated control.

Without a PES and, therefore, without integration of all packaging lines with the ERP of the company, the whole traceability of products is jeopardised as you cannot guarantee that the identification and control processes was flawless,” says Pascal Longchambon, head of the ZetesAtlas Business Solution Group.

Get full control over the packaging line
With these challenges in mind, Zetes has developed ZetesAtlas. The software acts as the essential link between ERP and the packaging line. By acting in a totally controlled loop, it takes control over the full range of peripherals, such as printers, cameras, and controllers, allowing the correct management of all common processes related to product identification. A single solution steers all the lines, controls all the data and provides reports on events and actions that show what happened where. Fully automated processes also mean faster execution of the latter. 

A single person can steer all the machines on the same line, with a single machine interface. This dramatically lowers the number of manual interventions, and therefore, the number of errors. Knowing that the integration has been done thoroughly and that all the information is securely mastered in real time provides the customer with real peace of mind. Identification quality and integrity is guaranteed.

ZetesAtlas can also handle unit identification (heterogeneous flows, serialization) and provide precise information on which products are in which boxes, etc. Parent-child association is made possible thanks to mass reading: when positioning products in a box, the serial numbers of these products are read simultaneously and associated with the serial number of the box itself. Executing so-called data aggregation strengthens the traceability of each individual product unit.

Companies start to realise the need to invest in a PES
Pascal Longchambon, head of the ZetesAtlas Business Solution Group says, “For decades, manufacturing companies have concentrated their investment efforts around the MES, which, of course, is essential to make sure products are of consistent quality. But with the growing need for traceability, be it to protect brands, control distribution channels or protect consumer health, we are noticing a shift in attitudes. Though, until now, there was not really an equivalent of the MES for the packaging process. With the emergence of new data carriers, which allow more data to be encoded (for example, “best before date”) and item level identification, companies understand the need for a solution that allows them to efficiently manage and orchestrate the whole packaging identification process. ZetesAtlas has filed this gap in the market.”

For all further information
Zetes Corporate PR
Sarah Dheedene
T +32 2 728 37 48

NewsEngine PR
Kim Heylen
T +32 3 260 96 42

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About Zetes
Zetes is an international Group highly specialised in identification & mobility solutions. Connecting what matters is at the heart of our business: physical movements and digital flows, our customers and their critical data, but also consumers and corporations, citizens and governments. By using the most innovative technologies, we allow our customers to improve speed, quality and accuracy in order to be on the leading edge of their industry. This has made us a pioneering leader on our market 

The Zetes Group has its headquarters in Brussels and employs more than 1000 people across 16 countries in EMEA. Zetes aspires to achieve sustainable profits and growth; its consolidated revenues for 2012 amounted to €214 million. More info:

About Zetes’ supply chain solutions
Zetes transforms the way modern supply chains collaborate. Its process optimisation solutions for Packaging, Warehousing, Proof of Delivery, Direct Store Delivery and In-Store management, connected by Zetes Track & Trace repository, enables major organizations to achieve end-to-end product traceability, from manufacture right through to the household. Zetes plays an important role in helping organizations to meet global traceability challenges such as serialization, diversion, safety, regulatory compliance and anti-counterfeiting. Zetes integrates the latest cloud based platforms with its state of the art ImageID, Voice Recognition, RFID, Coding and Mobile Computing technologies. As a reliable partner, Zetes guarantees the best life cycle management of its solutions through its ZetesTotalCare and ZetesTotalFinance.

About Zetes People ID
Zetes’ People ID division provides public authorities with secure solutions to correctly identify their population and comply with the highest international requirement for document issuing and the organisation of democratic elections. We have over 10 years’ experience implementing sensitive projects for governments and supra-national organisations. Reliability is what characterises our solutions, which are combined with our flexibility and ability to execute. This approach allows us to give the best guarantees for citizens to prove who they are and exercise their democratic rights.

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