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News Release

SFW Ltd Purchases GRETA Registry Software from the Department of Energy & Climate Change, UK
Released: 7th October 2013
Publisher: SFW Ltd

Woking, Surrey, UK - 07 October 2013 - SFW Ltd is delighted to announce that it has successfully bid for and purchased the GRETA Registry software.  Registries are a key component in the management, monitoring and mitigation of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) and this proven, secure, reliable tool is a significant addition to SFW’s IT Carbon Management Portfolio for both compliance and voluntary markets. The purchase of the software from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), took place on 3rd October 2013. 

The GRETA Registry was used by 17 National Governments to manage allowances and emissions both inside and outside the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) including units and project credits issued under the Kyoto Protocol. GRETA provides a reliable, proven and secure software platform that ensures the correct accounting and recording of allowance holdings, transactions, verified emissions and related data in a manner that is compliant with EU Regulations and UNFCCC requirements.

Chris Peddie-Burch, Head of SFW’s Climate, Environment and Energy Group said “The purchase of the GRETA registry software is great news for SFW. It is a perfect complement to SFW’s existing offerings: ETSWAP, GCP, REI, Seringas and VCS. Recent engagements in emerging markets have shown that by leveraging software assets like GRETA, SFW can help Governments and Government agencies implement effective market mechanisms.”

Peddie-Burch continued, “SFW’s technology toolset can be customised to meet exact and specific needs – as part of a full Carbon Market Implementation, or as a training tool to aid and facilitate capacity building activities. Because SFW was responsible for the support and development of the GRETA product, the team already have in-depth implementation and customisation experience, ensuring that technical delivery can be swift and right-first-time. I am delighted that SFW can now offer even more products that integrate well together - giving clients greater choice as to how they address their individual climate requirements. I believe that, when combined with SFW’s consultancy offering, SFW offers the most flexible and complete technical implementation products and services available in the Climate, Environment and Energy space.”

Niall Mackenzie, Deputy Director in charge of emissions trading at DECC commented “This innovative procurement and its conclusion delivers the best results for all parties and is yet another demonstration of how the UK is spearheading the delivery of climate change mitigation measures. SFW is ideally placed to commercialise GRETA, given its demonstrable broad technical implementation knowledge and its experience of the tool, while DECC receives on-going licence revenue. Although GRETA is no longer used within the EU ETS, there are a growing number of markets that require a registry like GRETA – and, through this model DECC is enabling it to be recycled and reused, for mutual benefit.

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