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News Release

Good Technology Improves Secure Mobility Platform with More Control and Enhanced User Experience

Good Technology Launches Direct Connect and Single Sign-On Capabilities
Released: 12th November 2013
Publisher: Good Technology

Sunnyvale, CA — November 12, 2013 – Good Technology™, the leader in secure mobility, today is announcing Good Dynamics Direct Connect™, a new deployment option for its Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform, available this month. Direct Connect reinforces the choices that enterprises have in addressing data privacy concerns and facilitates compliance with national and international data protection regulations by allowing organisations to keep application data within national and/or corporate boundaries.

Direct Connect gives companies control over how and where they route application data, giving them much more flexibility than before. Once the initial activation is complete, Direct Connect enables the data to pass directly from mobile devices to/from the corporate network via a secure connection rather than passing through the Good Dynamics Network Operations Center (NOC). The NOC stills manages authentication, but all subsequent app data flows directly to the enterprise, resulting in faster connections, as well as greater control.

This new approach also improves performance and ensures a superior user experience. Bandwidth use is reduced because of shorter data round trips, which improves app refresh time. The low latency configuration better supports performance sensitive applications, such as video streaming, opening up the development of new types of apps where high level performance is critical.

“This announcement highlights the improved choice, control, performance and user experience we can now offer our customers,” said Christy Wyatt, CEO of Good Technology. “The premise of Direct Connect is to give companies even more control over their corporate data, which helps them adhere to their data privacy obligations and guard against unauthorised surveillance. This new approach also improves the performance and user experience, providing faster access to enterprise applications and data, while at the same time ensuring its security.”

Good is also announcing its latest security innovation:  Good Dynamics Enterprise Single Sign-On. Once logged into any Good-secured app, users can access designated behind-the-firewall enterprise resources (e.g., the corporate intranet) without having to ever enter enterprise login credentials on their mobile devices. Enterprise Single Sign-On allays any security concerns that the business might have about corporate credentials being saved or cached to mobile devices, as those credentials never leave the corporate network.

“Enabling single sign-on makes it much easier for users to access enterprise applications from their mobile devices whilst allaying security concerns at a corporate level,” said Joel Shafer, president of Shafer Systems. “With Enterprise Sign-On, information that a user creates with Notate for Good can now be transparently synced with Microsoft® Outlook Notes without the user ever having to separately authenticate into their organisation’s Microsoft Exchange server. It becomes much easier for users to complete mobile workflows and derive more value from their mobile device without requiring the enterprise to compromise on security.”

Both Good Dynamics Direct Connect and Good Dynamics Enterprise Single Sign-On are available this month. For more information, please visit:  For more information on the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform, visit:

Good Technology has extended its promotional offer for Good Dynamics of $60 per user per year, including Extended Support, through the end of 2013.

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