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News Release

Capita Group TV licensing contract enhanced by solutions from Pitney Bowes Software

TV Licensing administration focuses on smarter targeting, web self-service and more efficient field
Released: 29th May 2012
Publisher: Pitney Bowes Software

Windsor, Berks, 29 May 2012 – Pitney Bowes Software (PBS) - a global leader in customer data, analytics, communication software and services - today announced that Capita Group has selected Pitney Bowes Software to provide location intelligence and analytics solutions to more efficiently administer the BBC TV licensing service. The contract was signed in early December 2011 with a commencement date of 1 July 2012.

Capita will re-engineer the current service delivery model and aims to harness advances in technology and analytics to increase the TV Licensing revenues collected, while also reducing the current servicing costs. Capita has chosen a number of PBS solutions: MapInfo Pro, MapInfo Spatial Server, Portrait Explorer and Portrait Miner to deliver three key benefits:

  • Understanding and targeting the right customers with the most appropriate payment plans through more relevant, engaging and timely communications
  • Through propensity modeling, to target customers most likely to switch channel to web self-service
  • Optimising field service operations through the use of location intelligence and customer behavioural insight, to develop routing and visit prioritization

Commenting on the announcement, BBC TVL Data, Analytics & Service Development Director, The Capita Group, Ross Simson, said “We chose Pitney Bowes Software to provide these solutions because of its unique capability to combine intelligent customer analytics and location intelligence. This means that we will be able to effectively segment our customer base to offer the most appropriate payment plans, deliver on a proven web self-service application and also optimise our field operations to be more efficient and cost effective. This will help us to meet our commitment to deliver a highly customer centric service that creates further value to the BBC and its customers,” he added.

Pitney Bowes Software capabilities will enable Capita to integrate location based insight with customer and business data resulting in better decision making, without the need for bespoke applications. In addition the self-service analytics portal provided by Portrait Explorer will empower business users to access customer information directly to perform their own ad-hoc queries and reports providing fast, actionable insight without the need for power analysts or IT resources.

“We are delighted that Capita has secured the BBC TV Licensing contract and will be incorporating PBS’ solutions within the new service delivery model”, said Gary Roberts, Executive Vice President EMEA, Pitney Bowes Software. “Our insight-driven solutions have enabled several commercial and not-for-profit organisations to improve customer engagement and optimise channels. In addition, Capita will be able to utilise location-enriched data capabilities for better decision making and operational efficiency gains,” he added.

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