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News Release

Auriga adds Trio of New Services to G-Cloud 4

GSCP Transitioning, PSN Onboarding, and Integrated Management System services now on Cloudstore
Released: 10th December 2013
Publisher: Auriga

London, UK – 10 December, 2013 – Auriga Consulting Ltd (Auriga), the expert data, ICT and security consultancy, today announced the addition of three new services to the G-Cloud IV (G4) Cloudstore. Auriga has swelled its current service offering by adding GSCP Transition Services, PSN Onboarding Services, and Integrated Management Systems Services to its current extensive portfolio, demonstrating the consultancy’s commitment to innovative solutions that anticipate and meet government needs.

G-Cloud allows the public sector to buy cloud-based digital services off-the-shelf, avoiding lock-in to expensive contracts with single suppliers, and encouraging the development of cost-effective, innovative solutions. G4 is the latest incarnation of the system which has seen considerable growth as new suppliers join and established suppliers such as Auriga build-out their service offerings. Cumulative sales from CloudStore broke the £60 million barrier in October 2013.

The trio of new services launched by Auriga have been devised to assist Government departments, public sector organisations and third party suppliers with numerous issues, from transitioning to new network environments to the rationalisation of existing systems. Delivered by highly experienced CLAS and CESG Certified Professional (CCP) consultants, Business Analysts and Technical Architects, the following services are now available on the Cloudstore:  

  • PSN Onboarding Services: assists with the negotiation of the entire formal accreditation process and supports transition to the Public Sector Network (PSN) by providing framework documentation, compliance, prescribed technical architecture, service management and security policies. Public sector organisations can use PSN Onboarding Services to connect to the network and the Government Secure Intranet (GSi), as can those wishing to supply G-Cloud Services that are PSN Connected, such as IL11x/22x (or the Government Security Classification Policy) or IL33x and the service is also available to third party suppliers such as Direct Network Service Providers (DNSP), PSN Service Providers (PSNSP), PSNSP application Service Providers, and G-Cloud Service Providers. Features include: Gap Analysis to understand the areas that need further focus to meet the PSN Code and mandatory requirements, including maturity against ISO27001 or Government IL3 accreditation controls (i.e. HMG IA Standard No.1 and 2 Baseline Control Set); generation of a Roadmap to achieve successful authorisation; and, the production of appropriate evidence to support the process for connectivity and/or accreditation of services.
  • Integrated Management System (IMS) Service: enables the management of multiple compliance regulations by bringing together standards, governance frameworks and associated management systems under a single service. IMS offers numerous benefits including reduced resource requirements, the re-use of common documentation requirements, a reduction in duplicated documents and governance, and increased visibility and governance at Board level. IMS is also able to offer support for migration to new standards, such as ISO 27001:2013.
  • GSCP Transition Service: a risk management package for the new Government Security Classification Policy (GSCP), this service fulfils current and future requirements by using data life cycle management to manage data assets. GSCP Transition Service is a modular offering and comprises three steps – Asset Creation, Asset Realisation and Asset Cessation – with further services under each. The service can be implemented end-to-end or used to augment existing data lifecycle processes.

Auriga services are further complemented by a range of specialist services which include Design Authority, Secure Business Process Analysis, Design and Development, Project Specification and Selection, Transition Management and SIAM Enterprise Architecture/Project Management and Selection.

Further details, including datasheets on the above services, available upon request.

About Auriga
Auriga Consulting Ltd (Auriga) is an expert consultancy specialising in Data Management, Information Assurance, Corporate Governance, Business Process Modelling, Analysis, ICT and Security. We advocate data as the most valuable part of your business and combine superior security and assurance knowledge with a wealth of business management consultancy and efficiency skills. Using a unique set of methodologies we embed security by overlaying it onto business process and analysing data.  

Auriga reported a turnover of more than £1million in its first full year of trading, cementing its reputation as one of the most dynamic and versatile solutions providers in the marketplace today. We have worked on some of the most demanding projects in the UK for customers from the public and private sectors, advising upon the architectures and business processes adopted for the G-Cloud project, NHS and social services databases, and leading the BSi’s largest audited UK organisation successfully through ISO 27001. To find out more, please go to or follow us on Twitter @AurigaConsult. 

Further information (external website)

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