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News Release

Businesses need to get focused on core activities

Smart business leaders are reducing non-core activities
Released: 20th August 2010
Publisher: MMCC

Smart business leaders are reducing non-core activities and outsourcing their IT departments to invest in experts that will help them win the competitive high ground.

In today's rapidly changing market place, companies need to invest in the latest responsive IT systems if they are to keep ahead of the competition, keep operational costs down, and run lean.

According to leading software developers, MMCC, even in these challenging times, too many organisations are still wasting time, money and resources on running expensive non-core IT empires employing dated thinking and old hardware/software systems.

To MMCC managing director, Mark Ogier, the corporate UK is rife with companies that rely on limited software and hardware solutions that are holding back business.  Research carried out by MMCC identifies that many organisations have not kept their systems upgraded.

"We are talking about companies relying on systems that are just not good enough to give them the level of information they need to make fast, informed business decisions. It's a bit like people running around with old maps when there are navigation systems," observes Ogier.

MMCC is regarded as a pioneering organisation. It has been partnering companies in the automotive, financial and health sectors to help them improve bottom-line performance and deliver better customer services.

Ogier sees the current economic climate as a "good time" for companies to review their internal processes and shift their IT operations to experts fully conversant with latest systems.

"Companies need to take a more disciplined approach to their IT requirements," he added, "When times are tough companies look at ways to reduce costs while hopefully improving processes for the future. If companies follow a step-by-step approach to evaluating their internal operations and then apply the same disciplined approach to identifying good business outsourcers, they can be on to a winner. AT the end of the day it's all about improving performance"

MMCC has developed a ten point plan to help any organisation embarking upon a review of critical business operations. The plan can be downloaded from

To Ogier it is all about working in partnership to deliver results.  While he appreciates that budgets are tight, any good IT outsourcing operation can help companies return substantial savings simply by transforming basic back office operations into efficient processing machines.

"We have worked with many organisations to achieve results through standardising processes, reducing cycle times and eliminating re-work. By bringing our expertise to play we can clear the brambles to make things easier for a company to grow" concludes Ogier.


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