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News Release

Allinea Software announces Allinea DDT version 2.6.1

Supports versions 3.1 and 3.2 of the NVIDIA Toolkit; Beta tested
Released: 17th November 2010
Publisher: Zoodikers Consulting Ltd

Allinea Software -, the leading supplier of software development tools for high performance computing (HPC), has announced the availability of Allinea DDT 2.6.1, which supports versions 3.1 and 3.2 of the NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit and has been beta tested for several weeks.

This latest version adds support for multiple GPU devices within the same node, in addition to the existing capabilities for debugging clusters of GPU systems. It also supports the latest hardware, with some of the newer features such as device function call and stepping into and out of nested functions on the Fermi hardware now possible.

DDT's scalable debugging interface includes many components that simplify the task of debugging multiple kernels and multiple processes - such as the parallel stack view which intuitively consolidates the display of host and GPU thread stacks, allowing the user to identify rogue threads or processes quickly.

Sanford Russell, general manger, GPU computing software at NVIDIA, explains: "As the market for GPU computing continues to accelerate, we are seeing increasing demand for cluster-class debuggers. Allinea DDT 2.6.1 responds to this need and delivers an innovative solution for developers looking to harness the massively parallel architecture of GPUs in their applications."

Mike Fish, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), explains: "As a company, Allinea has built an excellent and enviable reputation for product quality and innovation. Allinea DDT 2.6.1 is further testament to our vision and ongoing investment in product innovation. This latest version has been beta tested for several weeks now and is now ready for release onto the market."

Allinea DDT also includes support for debugging memory errors in CUDA kernels, such as reading or writing beyond the end of allocated blocks of memory. A "stop on kernel launch" feature allows users to begin debug kernels automatically as soon as they are launched, in addition to the existing support for source code breakpoints.

Mike Fish concludes: "Allinea is now the fastest growing tools company in the industry and we are clearly well placed to take advantage of this lead, expanding globally and into new market sectors."

Allinea Software will be exhibiting at the Supercomputing Conference (SC'10) in New Orleans, USA from November 15-18, 2010; come and see us on booth #2305.


For more information contact Allinea's Press Office: Katie King - Email: Tel: + 44 (0) 1892 520123 or +44 (0)7525 727288

About Allinea Software -

Allinea Software is the leading supplier of tools for parallel programming and high performance computing (HPC). Allinea's products are used by leading commercial and research institutions across the world, and have consistently set the standard for affordability, functionality and ease-of-use - whether applied to applications at modest scale or peta-scale applications on the world's largest supercomputers. With new product features aimed at multi-threaded applications and novel computing architectures, Allinea is now bringing its wealth of experience in parallel tools to the rapidly-expanding arena of multi-core processing.

Allinea has offices in San Jose, USA and in the UK, and has partnerships with the leading HPC vendors.

For further information contact Jacques Philouze, Worldwide VP of Sales and Marketing, Allinea Software on +44 (0) 1926 623231 or

Visit us at

About CUDA and NVIDIA -

CUDA is NVIDIA's parallel computing architecture which enables GPUs to work with numerical data, as well as the geometry and pixels of an image.

CUDA is increasingly being used in a wide range of non-visual contexts, from life sciences and medicine to energy discovery and quantum chemistry. There are now over 60,000 active CUDA developers around the world. It is taught by more than 300 universities in 40 countries.

Based in Santa Clara, Calif., NVIDIA was founded in 1993, by Jen-Hsun Huang, who had previously served at LSI Logic and AMD, and Chris Malachowsky and Curtis Priem, who came from Sun Microsystems. The company went public in 1999 and is listed on NASDAQ, where its shares trade under the symbol NVDA. It has some 5,700 employees in more than 20 countries.

Further information (external website)

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