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News Release

The Open Championship 2013 site aims for winning performance
Released: 4th July 2013
Publisher: Hall Communications

The R&A is working with Endava to prepare The Open Championship ( website for the 142nd Championship, starting on 18 July. Endava will ensure that the site is pre-tested, managed and configured to deliver an optimal, high quality, service – for over five million site users during the four day golf Championship at Muirfield. 

With an expected load of 10,000 webpage requests per second, The Open site’s optimal performance must remain unaffected. Endava will host the website on its Cloud and over 99% of the load will be serviced by Akamai’s Content Delivery Network. Endava will also conduct rigorous performance testing, using a Cloud based testing solution, delivering up to 1,700 requests per second.

Several weeks before the event, Endava will host a four day rehearsal at its delivery centre in Cluj, Romania. The R&A and Endava digital media teams will test the website features using real data in real time from the 2012 tournament. They will check that the website works as expected in a live simulation and run tests every hour to ensure that the website is correctly displaying the vast range of information. The extensive testing extends to the mobile optimised elements of the site and to the mobile applications which support the user experience online.

Endava is also refining and testing site features that include course live view, a GPS player

mapping system to show player groupings and scores - all overlaid on a course map. The website software will cater for quirks in the GPS data such as the loss of the GPS signal without that group of players disappearing and removing erroneous information, such as a player departing the green in between holes.

A critical facet of the site is live scoring during the Championship. Scoring data will be delivered to Endava after every golf stroke, and the players’ scorecards are updated within seconds on the website. Endava’s team will test the scoreboard with the previous year’s live data using a custom test harness which is used to replay the data and automatically check the results.

The website will provide a unified video stream to view clips from the BBC, livestream and VOD and enforce the territory rights for those video streams. With its global reach, Endava is able to test geo blocking from a number of countries where the viewing rights have not been paid for.

Endava will provide a fully managed hosting platform, which is monitored and staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  During the tournament, the Endava technical team provides a bespoke technical service model, providing shift patterns to proactively ensure that the site works without missing a shot.

Michael Tate, Executive Director – Business Affairs, The R&A said, “Endava has a proven record of building and managing high quality, sports websites. Their innovative use of web technology, thorough testing and management regimes, make them an excellent IT provider for”  

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