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News Release

New Eclipse plugin for mainframe data manipulation and test data creation

For easy editing, browsing and manipulation of z/OS files and datasets
Released: 10th June 2013
Publisher: Macro 4

Global software and services company Macro 4 has announced a new data manipulation and test data creation plugin for the Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment), the latest in its range of Eclipse applications for mainframe fault analysis and testing. 

The new InSync plugin for Eclipse helps improve productivity for both new and experienced mainframe developers. It includes a powerful ‘point and click’ interface to enable easy editing, browsing and manipulation of formatted and unformatted z/OS files and datasets. 

The product launch coincides with the release of a new version of the company’s M4SlickEdit code editing software which helps mainframe developers work within Eclipse to write program code faster, and with fewer errors. M4SlickEdit incorporates a variety of time-saving programming features for busy developers; this latest version includes new, improved parsers and tagging and is multi-threaded for even faster responses. 

InSync is part of Macro 4’s integrated software suite for mainframe fault resolution in Eclipse, which also includes DumpMaster, for fault analysis, TraceMaster, for interactive testing and debugging and z/Explorer, which provides easier access to mainframe files and faster deployment of program enhancements.

“Now, whenever you experience an abend within z/OS you can investigate the dump using DumpMaster and trace the code using TraceMaster,” said Lynda Kershaw, Marketing Manager at Macro 4.  “Any program faults can be fixed using M4SlickEdit, which is launched directly by z/Explorer and any data errors can be corrected using InSync. As a final step you can use z/Explorer to put your changes into the live environment. All of this can be achieved faster than ever before, without leaving the comfort of your Eclipse IDE.” 

All of Macro 4’s software is available as part of its own Eclipse Framework, M4Workbench, and is also compatible with other Eclipse frameworks. TUBES, the company’s leading session management solution, also supports Eclipse. 

Customers can upgrade to any of the Eclipse versions of their current Macro 4 software at no additional charge. 

Eclipse is a key focus area for Macro 4 because its modern graphical user interface (GUI) helps enhance productivity and enable familiar, ’Windows-style’ access to mainframe technology that is playing an increasingly important role in attracting a new generation of developers. 

About Macro 4

Macro 4 is a global software and services company that helps organizations to improve the performance of their business-critical applications and processes. The company’s solutions for document and data management, fault analysis and performance management are easy to use, fast to implement and deliver value quickly in even the most complex IT environments. Macro 4 is a division of UNICOM Global, which operates in every major market worldwide via US and European subsidiaries and a network of international business partners.  

Macro 4’s fault analysis and debugging solutions help users to test new mainframe applications more thoroughly, correct faults faster and keep applications up and running for longer. Easy-to-use graphical user interfaces accelerate individual and team problem solving and can reduce the time taken to fix application errors by 50%.

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