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News Release

D-Link Completes Smart Switching Range With Launch of WebSmart DES-1210 Switches

Power over Ethernet capabilities to provide SMEs with greater flexibility and security
Released: 7th March 2011
Publisher: Spark Communications

London, 7 March 2011 – D-Link has today announced a further addition to its growing range of Smart switches with the launch of its Fast Ethernet Web Smart DES-1210 series. The DES-1210-08P and DES-1210-28P provide ‘Power over Ethernet’ (PoE) functionality and management capability and are ideal for small and medium businesses looking to construct a secure and productive network environment at an affordable price. The Web Smart switches enable small businesses to increase performance across their network and to power operational IT systems such as IP phones, wireless access points and IP surveillance.

“Businesses with poor network performance often believe the problem lies with their Internet connection or outdated computer systems, rather than their own network,” said Chris Davies, general manager D-Link UK & Ireland. “Our Web Smart switches allow small businesses to work smarter and create highly-flexible networks which can take advantage of new technology like IP surveillance without being tethered to a power supply.  The release of Web Smart further increases the breadth of our switches portfolio and reaffirms our commitment to providing small businesses with reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use networking products.”

Power over Ethernet presents small businesses with many advantages. For example, internal communication systems need no longer be tied to mains power sources. In locations where networks can be spread widely across a single site, such as schools, university campuses and hospitals, PoE provides a simpler, safer and more cost-effective solution than standard power cabling.

Bridging the gap between unmanaged and managed switches, and offering enhanced Smart switch functionality, Web Smart switches provide a wide array of options for small businesses to keep their networks running securely and efficiently. This includes a web management interface and SmartConsole utility for the joint management of several switches, providing an intuitive system to manage a mid-sized network.

Guarantee network performance
D-Link Web Smart switches guarantee that a network remains fast and efficient by managing bottlenecks and controlling network bandwidth. For an office environment, this ensures every employee has the best possible network experience, for example; conference calls will not suffer loss of quality if colleagues are downloading large files to the server, or streaming online video content elsewhere on the network.

Web Smart switches streamline bandwidth using Quality of Service (QoS) to shape and manage traffic. Through VLAN segmentation, client-server traffic flows can be optimised, and shared resources effectively controlled. The Auto Voice VLAN function automatically identifies voice traffic and maintains optimal audio quality for VOIP calls and Auto Surveillance VLAN allows administrators to add IP cameras without overwhelming the network with excessive traffic.

Strengthen network security
Web Smart switches strengthen security through the use of access control lists (ACL), ensuring that sensitive network resources are restricted only to authorised users. Web Smart Switches detect and block intruders that attempt to sniff data or send fake data packets that could disrupt network traffic. This defence mechanism allows the switch to remain operable even while under attack.

Reduce energy costs
All Web Smart switches feature a fanless or smart fan design which reduces power consumption while allowing the switch to operate almost silently. Single LEDs per port provide status at a glance and help to save electricity.

The Web Smart Switches are available for Fast Ethernet applications in several convenient port configurations.

The D-Link Web Smart DES-1210 is available in the following models:

  • DES-1210-08P: 8 Fast Ethernet 10/100BASE-TX PoE ports,
  • DES-1210-28: 24 Fast Ethernet 10/100 BASE-TX, 2 combo 1000BASE-T/SFP, 2 1000BASE-T ports
  • DES-1210-28P: 24 Fast Ethernet 10/100BASE-TX PoE ports, 2 combo 1000BASE-T/SFP, 2 1000BASE-T ports
  • DES-1210-52: 48 Fast Ethernet 10/100 BASE-TX, 2 combo 1000BASE-T/SFP, 2 1000BASE-T ports

Price and Availability
The D-Link DES-1210 switches are available through the company’s broad choice of reseller partners, priced from the recommended retail price (RRP) of £168.99 including VAT

End of announcement

About D-Link
D-Link is one of the world’s leading networking infrastructure providers, delivering innovative, high-performing and intuitive products for both businesses and consumers.  For nearly 25 years, D-Link has designed, developed and manufactured award-winning networking, wireless, storage, security and IP surveillance solutions.  D-Link delivers its extensive range of networking products to organisations and consumers though its global network of channel partners and service providers. D-Link understands the significance of accessing, managing, securing and sharing data and digital content, and has pioneered many IP technologies to deliver a fully integrated Digital Home and business network experience.  For more information, please visit

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