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News Release

Crystal Ball Announces Three-Year Mobile Tracking Deal With PRO-Driver

Revolutionary Mobile Phone Vehicle Tracking And Employee Monitoring System
Released: 18th May 2011
Publisher: Crystal Ball

The three-year deal involves Manchester-based Crystal Ball’s mobile technology being installed on 95 staff mobile phones.

This will allow PRO-Driver to monitor the location of vehicles and staff at all times, monitor all inbound and outbound calls in real time and ensure that their staff comply with the use of hands-free whilst driving. 

PRO-Driver specialises in moving vehicles fast and safely nationwide and its clients include Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes. 

Its managing director is Joss Ronchetti, one of the country’s most successful saloon car racing drivers and owner of the famous car The Bullet – a 30-year-old Talbot Sunbeam Lotus with more than 50 class wins in a variety of British championships. 

Unlike conventional vehicle-based tracking, the Crystal Ball mobile technology continues monitoring workers and their location after they have left a vehicle, giving greater peace of mind and a fuller solution to firms with lone workers and personnel out in the field.

The system feeds back live information, recording vehicle speed, journey time, distance and precise location as well as monitoring incoming and outgoing mobile phone call and text information through a web-based system. 

It has a comprehensive reports suite and the information is held for three months on the system, which can also be downloaded and saved at any time. 

It will also allow Leicester-based PRO-Driver to ensure employees are using handsfree kits to make and receive calls whilst driving. 

Simon Johnson, general manager of PRO-Driver said: “Our rapid response team looks after dealer transfers, new and used vehicle deliveries, corporate deliveries and handovers and service loan cars for prestige vehicles across the UK and it is vital that we can monitor and trace both vehicles and staff at all times. 

“Crystal Ball offers so much more than the system we previously used and gives both us and our customers an incredible amount of information and peace of mind as well as a higher level of service.”

Raj Singh, managing director of Crystal Ball, said: “The deal with PRO-Driver, which relies on detailed and accurate information on vehicle and staff location to help its business run efficiently, is a massive endorsement of our product.

“The system has been developed to help businesses locate and monitor vehicles and workers out in the field as part of companies’ duty of care obligations and other important legislation such as the Working Time Directive, Corporate Manslaughter and driving at work. 

“It also allows employers to be alerted via email when a hands-free kit or a hand held phone is being used whilst the vehicle is being driven - so they can take appropriate action dependent upon their policy. 

“An increasing number of companies have policies governing these issues but until now have had no effective way of monitoring them. 

“Employers can also monitor the information in real time via their computer screen and it can be accessed anytime and anywhere in the world.” 

After racing production motorbikes, Ronchetti switched to saloon cars in 1986 and he bought The Bullet car in 2002. 

It is the fastest Sunbeam Lotus in the world and made Autosport Magazine Top 10 racing cars of the year in 2007. 

At the moment it has a 2.7-litre engine, 327 brake horsepower and, at the really fast circuits, can reach speeds of about 155mph. 

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