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News Release

Truly Guard Your Network With Modern Firewalls Says Icomm
Released: 27th May 2011
Publisher: Icomm Technologies

With the evolution of internet traffic, businesses in the Midlands are in danger of losing control of operations if they do not look towards the next generation of Firewall, according to Icomm Technologies.

Historically, Firewalls were focused on security and blocking traffic, allowing network administrators to select what was allowed in and out of a business.  This was all managed through ports – a selection of ‘doors’ through which traffic can flow.

The changing nature of web-based traffic has moved beyond the capabilities of current firewalls, placing businesses in a difficult position according to Icomm’s Ian Callens.

He said: “Every type of traffic has traditionally been assigned a specific ‘door’ through which to enter and leave a network.  Through evolution, certain types of traffic are now able to move through any ‘door’.  This poses two major risks to business.

“Controlling the movement of sensitive traffic becomes extremely difficult and bandwidth-hungry traffic, which includes large data files and images, can seriously affect the quality of network services.”

The new generation of firewall allows administrators to overcome these challenges by giving them sufficient control to shift inspection from the ‘doors’ to the traffic itself, watching where traffic is coming from and going to, while also looking inside it to establish what the user is doing.

“This next generation provides network administrators with a whole new set of parameters with which to block, limit or control traffic to keep the network running securely and efficiently,” continued Callens. 

“They can decide what traffic gets priority by judging whether it is business centric, as well as assigning more or less bandwidth to it to ensure proper functionality.

“Just imagine the potential repercussions if an important conference call using a VoIP system gets constantly interrupted because an employee is watching BBC iPlayer at lunch, hogging all available bandwidth.”

However, a truly smart generation firewall can filter out ‘door’ jumping malicious traffic that gets more pernicious by the month.

“Next generation devices are advanced enough now to detect all manner of threats and provide protection from third parties able to attack at lightning speed at any sign of weakness. 

“They can shape incoming and outgoing traffic, filter web content and scan for malicious threats without slowing down operations, all of which are necessities for any business.”

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