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News Release

Naughty grannies help make sense of expanded non phrases!
Released: 16th October 2013
Publisher: Livewire PR

Undecided about how to teach fronted adverbials or how to expand a noun phrase? Look no further! Espresso has released a brand new collection of Key Stage 2 grammar and punctuation resources, designed to help teachers meet the demands of the DfE’s revised KS2 English curriculum which becomes statutory in 2014 and officially part of the SATs tests in 2016.

Called Grammar and Punctuation, the new resource simplifies complex concepts and relates them in a child-friendly manner, whilst building confidence in teachers, in particular those whose personal experience of grammar in school was different from today.

Comprising four modules – Word, Sentence, Text and Punctuation – the ‘Grammar and Punctuation’ resource includes over 30 fun and engaging videos with easy-to-follow explanations and demonstrations taught through entertaining animations designed to appeal to boys and girls equally. It also includes a range of activities designed to provide a 'learning pathway', a comprehensive glossary and teacher support notes and videos, ideal for school CPD sessions. 

Word covers topics like forming nouns and using synonyms and antonyms; Sentence deals with words that show time and cause, informal and formal sentence structures and using the active and passive voice; Text introduces paragraphs and the use of different layout devices such as tables and bullet points and Punctuation gets to grips with the common dilemma of where and when to use an apostrophe to show possession.

A ’Teacher’s support’ tab on each video page provides a curriculum link, an explanation of the rationale behind the video content and suggestions for follow up activities to reinforce learning.

Humour and animated sketches are used to engage pupils at the beginning of each lesson, followed by more detailed explanations and examples, a quiz set against the clock, ending with a recap of the objective and another funny sketch. It’s like a grammar sandwich!

These animations introduce some great characters, new to Espresso, and take place in exciting settings including the jungle, a pirate island and outer space. Lower KS 2 content features Explorer Jay, Caption Damon, Astronauts Vicky and Troy, and Morris the Monster, a quiz master whose boots flash green when the correct answer is chosen.

Upper KS 2 features Daisy the truck driver, a criminally-minded granny, Penguin friends Jim and Anna, the Pink Zebra and Captain Neo who embark on adventures in the desert, sky, arctic and the zoo. These memorable scenarios capture children’s attention and aid the recall and retention of tricky concepts. Commenting on the new resource Lewis Bronze, Espresso’s Founder, said, “For last 30 years grammar and punctuation has not been taught in schools as an explicit learning objective. Developed in partnership with literacy expert Gill Budgell and with plenty of advice from teachers, we hope our new resource is going to make a valuable contribution in the primary classroom.  It unpicks difficult concepts in memorable ways, using lovely animations and humour.  We hope the children – and their teachers – will love it!”

Click here to view sample videos:

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