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News Release

Swisscom clocks up time savings with IT documentation from Docusnap
Released: 16th October 2013
Publisher: Docusnap

IT documentation software from Docusnap has enabled Swisscom IT Services AG (ITS), one of the leading Swiss IT service providers to save time and money while improving organisational efficiency and transparency.

Swisscom IT Services AG provides IT outsourcing, SAP, and workplace and finance services. With a staff of around 3,000 and a customer base of approximately 400, the company looks after a range of organisations from large enterprises to SMEs. Specialising in managing the on-premise infrastructures of its customers, Swisscom needed a solution to document the IT environments of companies to ensure it was providing accurate and timely consulting services.

Prior to the introduction of Docusnap, even the simplest tasks proved difficult: “We always had the problem that the engineers had no time for proper IT documentation and the documentation really reflected it; it had no consistent quality and, above all, it was barely understandable. It was difficult to pass on the information to colleagues, or to collect it transparently at a central location,” said Rüdiger Ruttkowski, ICT architect at Swisscom.

“Since we implemented Docusnap, we’ve not experienced any of the problems of the past. Now, every member of staff can install the software locally on their PC, filter the desired values for each customer, and store them in a central database,” he continued.

The software was implemented smoothly and Ruttkowski’s team could start working right away, soon realising that the time savings were significant: “The team now has absolute control of the customer network documentation and can turn their attention to their actual tasks. The first use of Docusnap was for one of our major customers, and in a very short time the software had supplied us with the necessary comprehensive information – something that in the past had been a tedious procedure involving time-consuming phone calls and email correspondence.”

They were also impressed with the user-friendliness and transparency of the software. Swisscom consultants use Docusnap to create a documentation system and perform an analysis, an integral part of every project. During this process, consultants are able to point out inaccuracies in licensing and configurations to their customers, and can also address topics beyond the permission in context.

Swisscom also uses Docusnap for the creation of IT concepts. In Ruttkowski’s eyes, this option is an extremely positive aspect of the Docusnap offering: “The software comes with many good reports, which can be used for further analysis, providing another way for us to save time. The reports can also be customised very easily to the CI of each customer.”

“Swisscom is a great example of where a successful implementation of IT documentation can allow organisations to save a huge amount of time, allowing their in-house teams to focus on other areas of the business. As networks and IT environments become more complex and increasing amounts of regulation further muddy the water, it is crucial that organisations have a comprehensive overview of their entire IT network environments,” said Peter Kurz, co-founder and Managing Director of Docusnap.

Ultimately, it is the re-distribution of time that has had the most positive impact, giving Swisscom a competitive edge. The incorporation of the Docusnap software allows them to gather and manage all information from the networks at a central location, which gives the team a speed advantage over competitors who are still creating the IT documentation by hand. This is will prove crucial to the company’s future success: “Customers are no longer willing to pay high amounts for information that can be obtained quickly and thus at low cost. This is the reason why we opted for Docusnap and we will push the use of this software internally even more,” Ruttkowski concluded.

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