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News Release

Enhance the look and feel of webpages using Fancybox with Packt's new book and eBook
Released: 4th December 2013
Publisher: Packt Publishing Limited

This hands-on guide takes a step-by-step approach in introducing readers to the intricacies of Fancybox.

About the Author:
Kyle Diedrick is a software engineer living in Irvine, California. He has been working on websites for the past 10 years. He has substantial experience working on websites using JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, and most recently, CoffeeScript. He first discovered the Fancybox jQuery plugin while working at Great Wolf Resorts in 2010. He began using the plugin because of its flexibility.

The eBook starts with the basics, teaching users how to install Fancybox, and progresses onto more advanced topics such as how to customize the plugin. Readers will become familiar with the complex settings and features of Fancybox, making it a great tool for any pop-up like feature. Fancybox offers great flexibility in working with different contents, and Instant Fancybox will teach readers precisely how to make use of this flexibility.

Instant Fancybox covers all the important and necessary aspects that developers need to be aware of to effectively use the Fancybox Plugin. Since it's lightweight and versatile, developers can use it with images and videos, iFrames, custom HTML, and even SWF files. Filled with practical, step-by-step instructions, readers will get acquainted with Fancybox to help them customize their webpages.

Web developers who want to know more about the Fancybox plugin will find that this book is a useful resource. For more information, please visit:

Further Information

Packt Publishing Limited
Dyson D' Souza
Marketing Research Executive
Tel: +44 0121 265 6484

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