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News Release

Financial services companies print record 200 million annual documents with ScriptX

200,000 global users control printing of vital browser-based content
Released: 19th September 2013
Publisher: Mead & Co

19 September 2013: Financial services companies around the world are reducing costs, increasing consistency and improving operations by using ScriptX 7.1, the global standard for controlling the printing of browser-hosted content on Microsoft Windows. Customer research has found that 200 million business-critical documents, including policies, credit agreements, investment illustrations, marketing material and branch/management reports, are now printed every year using ScriptX by 200,000 users. 

Within financial services ScriptX is used by retail banks, insurers, credit card companies, mortgage brokers, investment banks, pension companies and loan providers. Customers include ANZ Banking Group, Credit Suisse First Boston, HSBC, Merrill Lynch, Westpac NZ and Zurich. For example, ANZ is using ScriptX to print individual transaction and end-of-day reports across 800 branches every day. 

ScriptX is the world’s favourite add-on for total control when printing html and PDF documents, labels or bar codes from client and server computers running Microsoft Windows. It ensures that printed formatting and appearance is consistent, whatever the actual browser settings on the individual computer. 

Financial services providers are using ScriptX to improve operations in five key areas:

  • Reducing wastage through more accurate printing of browser-based content such as policy documents within branch offices
  • Printing vital management information such as daily, weekly and monthly reports at branch and head office levels
  • Enabling consumers to print web-based content such as application and claim forms, speeding up workflow and improving customer satisfaction
  • Delivering consistent branch-based printing of corporate forms stored on intranets
  • Underpinning kiosk-based and remote printing of marketing materials and policy illustrations

“Across the financial services sector companies have invested heavily in moving operations to web-based systems,” said Jerry Mead, CEO, Mead & Co. “Controlling the printing of this content and ensuring consistency and efficiency in an increasingly competitive market is vital to improving processes and boosting customer satisfaction. As our research shows, over 200,000 financial services users handling billions of pounds now rely on ScriptX to manage browser-based printing, demonstrating its significant impact on the industry’s workflow.” 

Financial services organisations across the world are looking to increase efficiency and reduce costs in their operations. Faced by greater competition, tighter regulation and a need to demonstrate green credentials, they have to ensure that the printing of browser-based content is closely controlled across all their operations, including bank branches, contact centres and head offices. Industry analyst Gartner estimates that on average organisations spend between 1-3% of their turnover on printing – a figure that is higher in financial services companies who rely on paper-based processes within their workflow.

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