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News Release

.NET libraries for office documents from Elerium Software
Released: 22nd November 2013
Publisher: Elerium Software

Elerium Software has developed professional solutions for .NET (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET) that aimed to read/write/convert different office and web documents and formats. The range of supported documents includes such popular formats as: Word documents (Doc, Docx, Rtf), Excel spreadsheets (Xls, Xlsx, Csv), PDF reports, HTML pages with CSS styles. The directions of file management include: reading, writing, creating, editing, export to DB, import from DB, converting. Over the past six months Elerium Software has completely updated product line, improving the quality, stability and speed of file processing. Elerium Software components are based on the unique design and fast algorithms that allow being independent from the third-party applications and libraries. A developer does NOT need to install any additional software because the components do not use interrupt of MS Word®, MS Excel® and API functions of Adobe Acrobat®.

An example of one of the most common problems solved with the help of Elerium Software components is the conversion of HTML documents to Word / Excel / PDF documents. The code below shows how to implement the converting Html to Word, Html to Excel, Html to Pdf in C# projects.

  1. Convert HTML to Word: using Docs.Word; ... string sourse = “html string”; Document doc = Document.ReadHTML(sourse); doc.WriteDocument(@“c:result.docx”, DocumentFormat.DOCX);
  2. Convert HTML to Excel: using Docs.Excel; ... string sourse = “html string”; ExcelWorkbook wb = ExcelWorkbook.ReadHTML(string); wb.WriteXLSX(@”c:result.xlsx”);
  3. Convert HTML to PDF: using Docs.Pdf; ... string sourse = “html string”; HtmlToPdf conv = new HtmlToPdf(); conv.OpenHTML(sourse); conv.SavePDF(@”c:result.pdf”);

In the run up to Christmas Holidays Elerium Software congratulates everybody for Merry Christmas and offers 30% discount for all their products. Learn more details about the offer on the official website of the company:

Further information (external website)

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