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News Release

UK users slow on iOS 7 uptake as Norway proves earliest of adopters

The new operating system for iPhone, iOS 7, saw rapid adoption across European markets.
Released: 15th October 2013
Publisher: Joy Dean, head of Partnerships in UK

The new operating system for iPhone, iOS 7, saw rapid adoption across European markets. However, it seems that early UK adopters have been slower off the mark than European counterparts in upgrading. According to Widespace’s user data, of over 150,000 iPhone users, just 56 per cent UK users had upgraded within the first eleven days of release, ten per cent lower than Norwegian counterparts.

Norwegian users were the fastest of Widespace’s markets to embrace the new operating system, with 53 per cent of iPhone users there updating to iOS 7 in the first four days. In the same period in the UK adoption was at 42 per cent. After eleven days, the situation remained steady, with 56 per cent of UK users having upgraded, versus 66 per cent in Norway.

The Netherlands, Finland, and Germany were also quicker to adopt the new OS than the UK. However in less than two weeks the majority of Widespace’s markets across Europe had updated their iOS version. There was a clear eagerness to upgrade from younger users, and also from males.

In Sweden, Widespace’s home territory, it took a week longer for conversion to pass 50 per cent. Two weeks after the launch iOS 7 was the dominant iOS version across the eight European countries in Widespace’s market. The largest adoption of iOS 7 was seen in Norway and the Netherlands, where over 60 per cent of iPhone users were using the latest iOS.

Who, then, are these early adopters? Users between 10 and 19 years of age were identified as the fastest to update, while users over the age of 50 exhibited the most reluctance. Almost 60 per cent of those who upgraded to iOS 7 in those early days were men. Early adopters were more frequently seen on sites and applications relating to sports, technology and entertainment.

Widespace’s figures are based on the mobile traffic to the sites and applications of the eight markets in which Widespace are present: Sweden; Denmark; Norway; Finland; the Netherlands; Germany; UK; and France. The Widespace Advertising Network reaches 20 million users and delivers billions of ad impressions every month.

About Widespace
Widespace is the leading premium mobile advertising company in Europe, with its key focus on ensuring user experience, creating the best results for advertisers, and increasing revenue for our partners. Every day, Widespace delivers millions of ads to millions of mobile devices, on the most visited mobile sites and most popular apps. Widespace utilises its own unique technology to optimise ad targeting and increase impact, and offers a full service solution for brands wanting to succeed in mobile advertising. Widespace was founded in Sweden in 2007, and is now present in eight countries across Europe.

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