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News Release

Widespace named Sweden's hottest growth company

Widespace named Sweden's hottest growth company
Released: 25th November 2013
Publisher: Joy Dean, head of Partnerships in UK

Widespace ranks number one on  Computer Sweden’s list of the 50 hottest growth companies for hype, innovation, and growth (HIT). Within five years Widespace has expanded from two to 122 employees and now operates in eight countries.

“Mobile marketing is skyrocketing, and we’re growing faster than the sector—while sector development is still in its infancy,” says Henric Ehrenblad, co-founder and COO of Widespace. Within five years, we estimate that 70 per cent of all media consumption will occur via smart phones and tablets."

Henric Ehrenblad and Patrik Fagerlund launched Widespace in 2007. Both had worked for Ericsson and had a clear vision: that mobile device advertising will surge as devices get smarter. Widespace was founded even before Apple announced its iPhone.

The mobile advertising market began in earnest in 2011 and following the explosion of the market, in 2011 Widespace grew 205%. Its 2013 forecast predicted that revenue will more than double. The number of employees has also risen rapidly, both at HQ in Stockholm and in the other seven markets in which Widespace has offices. This year alone, the number of employees increased by 80 people.

In recognition of this achievement,  IDG’sComputer Sweden named Widespace in this year’s hype, innovation, growth (HIT) companies. To qualify for the list, companies must demonstrate robust development and sales of up to SEK 100 million. The judges decided:

“Widespace enjoyed early entry into a market that is experiencing strong growth, namely, mobile advertising. The company demonstrated its capabilities with many big companies on its client list. Widespace has solid growth and sophisticated technology. It’s simply Sweden's hottest new company."

Widespace has proprietary technology for managing mobile ads in large networks of apps and mobile sites. Partners, with which Widespace collaborates, provide high-quality content and include large media operations and individual app developers.

Widespace is on the cutting edge when it comes to ways in which mobility technologies can be used for ads. Among other things, Widespace can drive ads based current weather conditions. Via its partnership with Nuance, the company was the world's first to offer voice-controlled ads in mobile phones.

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