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News Release

ViaSat Expands Encryption Capabilities to Mac OS

Certified, Secure Eclypt Hard Drives Available Directly on Amazon Marketplace
Released: 12th November 2013
Publisher: ViaSat UK

ViaSat UK today announced the availability of its full Eclypt range of FIPS 140-2-accredited encrypted hard drives for Mac OS. Based on the same technology as ViaSat’s government and military-accredited encrypted storage, the Eclypt hard drive allows organisations of any size to take advantage of data encryption at the highest possible levels and at sizes from a full internal hard drive to a USB thumbstick: regardless of their specific needs or technology. To further support this ViaSat is also making its full Eclypt FIPS 140-2 range available on Amazon for direct purchase, giving organisations a direct route to secure data storage and peace of mind.

“Regardless of industry, size or the technology they use, organisations need to be sure that their valuable data, and that of their workers and customers, is protected to the best of their ability,” said Chris McIntosh, CEO, ViaSat UK. “This is true not only for protection from increasingly bold and creative criminals, but from regulatory bodies. The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has already shown it is willing to levy financial penalties on organisations shown to have compromised security procedures: whether Government bodies, multinationals or sole-operator SMEs. We at ViaSat are taking our experience providing secure storage and communications to militaries and governments at the highest level and using it to ensure that all organisations and individuals have access to the degree of security needed in the 21st century.”

All Eclypt products offered on Amazon are certified to FIPS 140-2 standard, meaning that whether users are working from a Mac, Windows PC or other compatible device they can be certain that their sensitive data is protected to corporate and government standards. A full management interface is included, with additional features available allowing organisations to tailor devices to suit their specific needs. ViaSat also offers SSD configurations for increased performance and ruggedness. The full range is directly available on Amazon, with customers able to order individual products or in bulk.

“The simple fact is, in the current climate some form of attack against your organisation is inevitable: indeed, it may well have already happened,” continued Chris McIntosh. “Quite simply, the best form of protection is to ensure that an attack can’t do any damage. By encrypting sensitive data organisations and individuals can have peace of mind that even a successful thief will not be able to take and abuse anything of value. Whether they like it or not, SMEs and individuals are now on the front line against cyber-crime: they therefore need the capabilities to defend themselves. Whether via partners or directly, ViaSat is dedicated to providing this. Our aim is to make it as simple as possible for everyone, from the SAS to the SME, to protect themselves against lost data.”

ViaSat’s wider range of Eclypt hard drives are OS agnostic, including compatibility with MAC OS, and are available in a number of formats; from the Core and Freedom (Internal and External) drives to the Eclypt Nano: the only portable USB drive certified up to Top Secret level by CESG, the UK Government’s accreditation body. Where necessary, ViaSat’s Eclypt drives are built to military ruggedness specifications: meaning they can survive extremes of temperature and vibration as well as dirt, sand and water. The Eclypt family of hard drives has been certified for use by organisations including the UK and Canadian Governments, militaries and NATO.

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