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News Release

Casewise launches new platform set to socialize the world of Enterprise Architecture (EA)
Released: 9th September 2013
Publisher: bcsAgency

Casewise, the leading international provider of Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Analysis software has launched casewise evolve – a brand new social web communication platform, which uses social technology to provide employee feedback and insight to enterprise architecture professionals.

Gartner confirms that 40% of projects fail as a result of lack of communication. This is because enterprise architecture teams work in silos and fail to engage with the rest of the organisation when rolling out new initiatives. Utilising social technology within EA means that teams across different divisions and departments can work together collaboratively to achieve a common goal. 

Casewise evolve repositions users to the center of your initiative, to capitalize on the skills and experience you have in your Enterprise. Thanks to the latest in social technology innovation, cross-collaboration is encouraged beyond organizational silos and ensures perfect alignment between business vision and execution. Casewise evolve combines this innovative catalyst with a governance workflow, adapted for operational excellence and embedded in the culture of your Enterprise.

Casewise CEO Alexandre Wentzo says: “The world of enterprise architecture as we knew it has changed. Too often decisions are made based only on data alone. Of course, it is imperative to have reliable and accurate data; but it’s not sufficient to make decisions, which will impact your organisation as a whole. When you socialize your Enterprise you create a silo breaker, which we believe is the missing piece of the puzzle to make EA projects succeed. Casewise evolve provides a 360 degree view of the organisation in real time to determine whether decisions stand to succeed or fail.”

According to Gartner over 70% of Corporate Business Intelligence projects fail. This is because organisations don’t have the tools to leverage the collective intelligence of their workforce. Your workforce knows how your organization works at a molecular level and they hold the keys to the critical psychological and sociological affects inherent in enterprise transformation.

Casewise evolve blends real time analytic dashboard reporting with a layer of emotional intelligence, as it captures staff feedback using social technology, thus adding a new perspective on data analysis. Casewise evolve has also been designed to be very user-centric, meaning professionals beyond Enterprise Architects, Business Analysts and IT professionals can easily use it and engage in real time.

Casewise evolve will be available to existing Casewise customers after its official launch on September 2, 2013 and to new customers in early 2014. For further information about Casewise and its products, please click here.

Key Benefits

  • Corporate-wide collaboration
  • Vision to execution
  • Reactive to proactive
  • Advanced governance
  • Uncover critical information

Key Features

  • Enterprise intelligence dashboard
  • Role based access
  • Data Lifecycle management
  • Social technology capabilities

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